Alan Myers



Alan Myers – Fellow

Alan Myers is a CPA who lives and works in San Diego, California. Over the past 23 years, the majority of his practice has been devoted to providing accounting-related services to Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees and civil litigators. These services include tax return preparation, analysis of potential fraudulent and preference transfers, testifying in bankruptcy court and superior court as an expert witness and more.

For the last 5 years, with the eye and experience of a forensic accountant, Alan has studied the Federal Reserve system and specific aspects of commercial banking. Summarizing, Alan has determined that the Fed is truly Domestic Enemy #1 and he is working to develop material that will be designed to help educate people about this critical and dangerous system. The first topic to be addressed will be a discussion concerning the true and complete nature of the U.S. National Debt, teaching how the National Debt is a defacto result of our national monetary system.

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