Report from Anaheim’s Health and Freedom Conference July 17

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Dear Task Force!

Good evening, all!

A few updates:

The Health and Freedom Conference in Anaheim today (and tomorrow)
WOW what an event!
There were probably 700 people in the main area, and another few hundred in the tent set up outside. The atmosphere was ELECTRIC and the PASSION for FREEDOM was beying imagining.
Food trucks, vendors, and just tons of people contributed to it being a blockbuster event. Each speaker had 15-20 minutes so it was pretty rapid-fire, super-inspirational and PASSIONATE about America and freedom.
The videos are here: ReAwaken America Tour | The ThriveTime Show

The speaker list is here: Working Itinerary July 17th and July 18th – Anaheim Health and Freedom Conference – Google Docs

Some photos:

Mike Lindell
Mike Lindell – he was superb!

Mike Lindell
Mike Lindell

Main Area
The main area

Ann Vandersteel
Ann Vandersteel

Mike Netter
Mike Netter, the energy behind the Recall Gavin movement

Yep. He was there – spoke later on.

Simone Gold
Simone Gold was ON FIRE, like I’d NEVER seen her before.

Simone Gold

The tent outside.

I urge you to watch AT LEAST Mike Lindell and Dr. Simone Gold.

I’ll be back for more of this tomorrow – an incredible event and a complete delight to be attending it!

Larry Elder.
YES he is running, and we spoke about the pledge – stand by for GREAT NEWS

yeah, well, you know how I feel about it.
Just Say No.
It’s clear that by making EVERYONE regardless of vax status wear masks because of we unvaxxed is to get our friends, coworkers and family to apply pressure on us to get vaccinated so we can all be free.

The data do NOT support any kind of measures whatsoever, and it’s just another vehicle for power-grabbing. This is anti-science in the extreme.

Some more recommendations
Health Freedom for Humanity – a terrific new organization in exactly this arena
From Breitbart. Utterly heartbreaking: UK Lockdown Year One: 5 Times More Kids Died by Suicide Than of Covid (
Just wonderful: Leila Centner Tells RFK, Jr.: My Academy Welcomes Unvaccinated, Unmasked Students — and Is Hiring New Teachers • Children’s Health Defense (
Dr. Simone Gold’s America’s Frontline Doctors is starting “Citizen Corps” – find out more here: Citizen Corps – America’s Frontline Doctors ( and sign up!
Also from America’s Frontline Doctors, a suit against the UC colleges: Students Sue CA State Colleges Over COVID Vaccine Mandates – America’s Frontline Doctors (

More tomorrow, and see you Monday!



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