SitRep South Korea: Dr. Tara O on Mask Shortages in South Korea amidst the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak, China, Central Planning, and Corruption

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Mask Shortages in South Korea amidst the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak, China, Central Planning, and Corruption
Factual reporting from Dr. Tara O with the East Asia Research Center
From Dr O:
Lately, there has been numerous articles in the West praising South Korean government and its handling of the Wuhan Virus, but the praise really goes to the dedicated professionals in the healthcare field.  The doctors and nurses have worked hard, putting their lives and livelihood at risk, and achieved what they have achieved, not due to, but in spite of the Moon administration.  The Moon administration has repeatedly ignored the advice and pleas from the doctors and nurses. Not banning entry from China is a huge problem, and it is not as “transparent” as widely touted, because numerous sick people have been turned away and not tested.  The priority for testing went to the Shincheonji religious sect for political reason.
But this one, while looking at those issues, focuses more on the mask shortages, which shows how much the Moon administration caters to China, at the expense of South Korean people. 
The South Korean national government, local governments, large companies, and Chinese sent millions of masks, perhaps 10s of millions of masks, to China, starting in late January. 
Mask shortages are leading to rationing and long lines.  The SK government as adopted central planning, with the predictable results.  South Koreans are certainly getting a taste of socialism/communism represented by the confiscation of private goods, central planning, shortages, and long lines. 
They are also put at greater risk of contracting coronavirus by having to stand in crowded lines.
Meanwhile, the Moon administration added a layer to the distribution of masks,  selecting 2 contractors that are making millions of dollars in a short amount of time.  The main contractor Geo-Young seems to have Chinese funding.  Some in Korea suspect the profit from mask sales are going toward candidates who CCP favors in the upcoming elections.

Tara O, Ph.D.
East Asia Research Center
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