WORLD WAR III on the Home Front – Redux

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This was sent as an AFA email 10 June 2022

Dear Friend of the American Freedom Alliance –

There they go again.

Steve Bannon, one of the most courageous pro-America voices in the nation, as well as one of the most powerful representatives of the Make America Great Again movement, was just ordered to report to jail on July 1st for the 4-month term he’d been sentenced to for his “contempt of Congress” charge.

What happened to President Trump in the theatre-of-the-absurd trial that concluded last week was bad enough, in that the guilty verdict came on top of a whole dung-heap of extra-legal nonsense in an effort to kneecap the dominant candidate, in a display of heinous politicization of our judiciary.

But Steve Bannon is an entirely different story.

Bannon is not a candidate. But he is the voice of what millions of Americans believe this country to be. It is my sense that there is not a single person at this point in time who speaks more clearly to all that is good and great in this nation than Steve Bannon, and it is that that finds resonance with millions of Americans, every single day.

A fierce warrior, an unstoppable force, Bannon gives hope and inspiration to millions of Americans, and not through pablum or fluff but through straight talk and leadership.

AFA is proud to have him on our Board of Advisors, and he has keynoted a number of our conferences, bringing a power and an energy that are second to none.



All this, of course, is exactly why he has to be sidelined, especially now, right before the election, shutting up this supremely pro-America voice that millions find inspiring and supportive of traditional American principles. Steve is one of the fiercest opponents of the woke and globalist power grabs, and is therefore intolerable to those who want to see this nation subverted. In other words, it is his staunch and constant love of this nation that is inimical to those who hate it.

We had excerpted this clip from a show of his last week because he cites AFA and our World War III conferences but the beginning of the clip is a terrific representation of his expression of love and praise of America.

Vis-a-vis his going to jail – surreal words to write – he has appeals pending even before July 1, and he has also asserted that he won’t go. At this link is a reasonably balanced description of the situation even though mention of an “insurrection” reveals an inherent bias that is, of course, at the core of the entire issue. And this, from the Post Millenial, questions the legitimacy of the process.

In addition, this article describes a proposal made by Rep. Thomas Massie, and in its simplicity it highlights, again, the flawed nature of the entire process that put Steve in this position.

These are anxiety-inducing times, and being witness to our legal system weaponized in this way, watching the corruption of our judiciary to this degree is a stunning thing. I would contend that it is one of the key elements of World War III, and it’s hitting extremely close to home.

Below is the video of the address he delivered to AFA at our Puppetmasters Conference in 2022, just days before he appeared in a DC court for his sentencing. 

We stand with Steve Bannon and hope that his fight and his courage help restore us to some semblance of what this nation was and needs to be.

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