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Karen Siegemund – President

When Dr. Karen Siegemund returned to her hometown of Los Angeles after 30 years on the East Coast, she was delighted to discover the American Freedom Alliance and immediately became an active participant, then board member. After the passing of AFA’s founder, Avi Davis, she was elected to be the Chairman of the Board of this remarkable organization, and more recently its president, a position she is honored to hold, and one that suits her background exceptionally well.

As the daughter of a man who grew up in Hitler’s Berlin, Dr. Siegemund has always been keenly aware of how precarious freedom is, and how tyranny typically begins not with a revolution, but with a slow erosion of rights and freedoms. For this reason, Dr. Siegemund has dedicated her life to fighting against this erosion on every level.

During the Cold War, Dr. Siegemund worked in the field of underwater acoustics, developing new sonar systems and testing them during sea trials around the world.

After the defeat of the Soviet Union, Dr. Siegemund turned her sights first to earning a Master’s Degree in International Relations, then a doctorate degree in “Education and American Culture.” Recognizing that only with an educated citizenry could we hope to maintain our freedoms, she became an educator; for over ten years, Dr. Siegemund has taught in a number of areas, from Latin and French to Science and Mathematics, at the middle school, high school and University levels. Along with these specific academic disciplines, of course, she strives to educate her students about the values that make Western Civilization generally, and America specifically, as exceptional as we are.

As another result of the recognition that totalitarianism creeps in with baby steps, and that our media has been complicit in its advance rather than the bulwark against it that it us supposed to be, Dr. Siegemund had founded and was president of “Rage Against the Media,” an activist group in Los Angeles which fought against the propagandistic nature of our news media.

Since becoming the President of the American Freedom Alliance, she’s been part of the fight against a longer list of encroachments on our freedom, and has been hosting exceptional events ranging from World-Class Conferences to Literary Cafes, Lectures to Movie Premieres, all on topics relating to Freedom, how it’s being attacked and how we can preserve it.  

Dr. Siegemund has appeared on several television shows including “The Glazov Gang” and the “The Rick Amato Show,” has spoken at a number of clubs, organizations and events, has been published in American Thinker, Frontpage Magazine, and her own blog, and has been on countless radio programs. She currently teaches at an independent school here in Los Angeles.

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