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AFA has two unparalleled conferences coming up.

May 5th

The Long March Through the Institutions:  The Left’s Revolution by Other Means
An American Freedom Alliance Conference

TIME JUST EXTENDED:  NEW TIMES:  Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, 10AM – 6 PM
Registration begins at 9AM

Announcing Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk as our Keynote SpeakerLong March Flyer

Plus David Horowitz, Michael Walsh, Barak Lurie, Bill Whittle and a wide array of speakers to cover the Left’s Long March through areas of Education, media, religion, art, gender, families and law, among others.  

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We’re also hosting an exclusive VIP dinner May 4th for sponsors and speakers.  Become a sponsor, and join us at this exceptional dinner!

Sponsorship levels are below:

Speaker Sponsorship: $2,000 – includes two tickets to the conference
Session Sponsorship: $8,000 – includes four tickets to the conference 
Golden Sponsorship: $10,000 – includes four tickets to the conference, and membership in our Freedom Circle
Platinum Sponsorship: $25,000 – includes ten tickets to the conference and membership in our Freedom Circle 

Sponsors at any of these levels will also be honored with your name on all our materials, an invitation for two to the VIP dinner May 4th, and VIP seating at the conference.  

Donations can be made at this link, or by check of course, to

American Freedom Alliance

17412 Ventura Blvd. Suite 144
Encino, CA, 91316


October 5th and 6th

Global Freedom Movements
An International American Freedom Alliance Conference

More information including speakers, sponsorship opportunities and reservation links coming soon

9 AM at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

About AFA:

The American Freedom Alliance is a non-partisan, non-profit organization which promotes, defends and upholds Western values and ideals. AFA hosts a wide range of events to educate, build alliances and advocate for the defense of Western Civilization against these five specific threats:

     Global governance
     Radical environmentalism 
     Islamization of the West 
     Biased media 
     Destructive academia 


Recent Events

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Heather Mac Donald delivering the Keynote at the 2018 Heroes of Conscience Dinner

Dr. Warren Farrell at AFA

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