AFA was in Washington D.C. last week.  Here is what we saw.

The Other Side of the Story

American Freedom Alliance VP Michael Greer was in Washington D.C. for the “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6th, and the photos she took of the events at the Ellipse and the Capitol tell a very different story from the one blasted by the media. Did bad things happen? To be sure. Were there “bad […]

The Truth Shall Get You Put in (FB) Jail

We’ve known this for quite some time, especially during “COVID TIME” and the pre and post election season:  posting the truth on social media is the path to being silenced.  Between the “independent fact checkers” who warn about “partially false” information or statements “taken out of context,” only, of course, advancing the Left’s narrative, and […]

As part of the ongoing purge of conservative, pro-Freedom outlets, AFA has been suspended from Mailchimp.

And it’s only going to get worse from here.


AFA launches our 

The violence, destruction, chaos and general mayhem in our cities and streets are born of hatred and rage that have been deliberately cultivated and fomented in our young people, primarily through our schools.  We’re seeing the culmination of the decades of efforts of Marxist and other Leftist groups who have been manipulating our history, teaching shame rather than pride in this most exceptional nation, teaching victimhood rather than self-determination, teaching destruction rather than gratitude for those who have created what we are the beneficiaries of.

Recognizing the power that our education system has, and how that power has been exploited for a hateful agenda, AFA is launching an initiative to assess schools according to a Liberty Index,  creating a resource for parents, the community and educators to find schools whose academic and philosophical values match theirs, and of course, to recognize excellence.

You can read more about it here and here.

We will be reaching out to our AFA community for your school recommendations, and hope that you will take part in this effort to stop the hijacking of our schools.

This is the first of many ventures taken by AFA to contend with the destruction of education and we’re very excited by it.

The Left’s Long March must be stopped, and we’re here to do our part.

Join us.




AFA has been hosting weekly  Zoom “Inside Look” events with experts on a wide array of topics of interest to our community.

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For videos of past events, click here.


Announcing AFA’s Online Video Discussion Groups

**We have completed the Freedom Academy series of videos but will be exploring other videos and texts shortly.**

If you are interested in joining a new discussion group based on these videos, please email us at

To watch these remarkable videos hosted by Victor Davis Hanson, click here




AFA launches our 

Many aspects of the response to the Wuhan virus have wrought destruction to the nation in ways far beyond the damage of the virus itself.  Our losses of freedoms, the pernicious and too-deep fear that has been fostered, the adoption of the notion that all risks can be avoided and that it’s the government’s job to eliminate them, the economic devastation, all are contributing, not to a “new normal” but to a shift in the American ethos that is striking fear in many of us.  
At AFA, we’re supporting those fighting against the various seizures of freedoms and are taking measures, each in our own ways, to dispel the fears and anxieties that are the consequence of the media’s relentless drumbeat of apocalypse.
In addition to all this, AFA is launching our “EVERY BUSINESS IS ESSENTIAL” initiative in response to the destruction of economic freedoms wrought by zealous bureaucrats.  Read our press release here, the rationale here, and sign YOUR support for economic freedom here.  

(Aiming for the end of July)


A two-day conference on the threat that China poses to the world
Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

Already confirmed speakers:

Steve Bannon    *     Gordon Chang    *    Bill Gertz   *   Frank Gaffney    *    Trevor Loudon   *   Curtis Ellis    
and many more.

Some of the topics to be addressed:

History and Current Status of US-China Relations   ~  Intellectual Property   ~  Finance/Trade ~  Manufacturing    ~   Defense    ~  US Investment    ~   Aerospace    ~    Human Rights    ~   Propaganda/Influencers    ~   China in Europe/Africa    ~   Taiwan/Hong Hong    ~   China and the Global Left    ~  Chinese Dissident Groups vs. the CCP

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Conference Header

Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

And with a special tribute to American Hero Phil Haney



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