Ed Dowd – Signposts of The Sovereign Debt Bubble Popping: What Comes Next?

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Having left Wall Street portfolio management, Ed Dowd recently turned to analyzing and reporting on the various financial and human costs incurred by the pandemic response.  His book, Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 &2022, is a runaway bestseller.  Ed Dowd addressed the financial vulnerability that has resulted from, and may in part a cause of, the increasingly volatile geopolitical situation that is part of World War III.  He provided a clear and cogent analysis of how various economic indicators that have, in the past, correlated with, at the very least, “bad” outcomes including war, are appearing again, right now.  A set of anomalies are presenting themselves that are deeply concerning to those who follow trends such as these, and his warnings are very much worth listening to. 

He also, though, offers, suggestions for what we can do to weather the coming storm. 

Watch his video here:



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