Our Allies

As our name suggests, AFA is an alliance; that is, we ally ourselves with other organizations which also strive to protect, defend and preserve various of the values and ideals that contribute to the success, prosperity and individual empowerment.

While we support the defense of freedom and Western Civilization generally, we of course have our five main areas that are particular interest.  The threats that are of particular concern to AFA are:

  1. Global governance – the erasure of national sovereignty and the various institutions created to centralize a number of aspects of governance at supra-national levels are threats not only to the United States but also to Western values.
  2. Radical environmentalism – from the “climate change” myths to Agenda 21 to various other “environmentalist” undertakings, it is clear that there is an agenda that is anti-science in the furtherance of ever-greater government control over increasing aspects of our lives.
  3. Islamization of the West – the increasing number of Islamic terrorist attacks here in the West is only one aspect of Islamization.  The effect on the culture, on demographics, on legislation, on the very nature of the rule of law is tremendous and the consequences are already being felt most acutely in Europe but also here in the United States.
  4. Biased media – the damage that our biased media has wrought is hard to fathom.  Without agenda-drive media, none of the above-mentioned issues would have become the very real threats that they are.  Highlighting the dishonesty of our news media is at the forefront of what AFA does.
  5. Destructive academia – our K-12 schools as well as our universities have become vehicles for indoctrination rather than education, and their nearly-monolithic viewpoint is, as is the media, helping to advance these same above-mentioned threats.

Any organization that works to combat these threats to Western Civilization is an ally of ours, whether formally stated or not.  But the below organizations are ones with which we have a particular understanding.  We will be growing the list as we go forward.


Freedom X’s mission is to protect conservative and religious freedom of expression.  They have specific campaigns to protect Sovereignty, Faith and Freedom, and to protect against intellectual McCarthyism and Creeping Sharia.

read more here


CTEN is a non-partisan, non-political group dedicated to providing teachers and the public at large with reliable and balanced information about professional affiliations and positions on educational issues.

Read more here.

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