War on Practically Everybody: AFA’s 2023 Conference Series

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The American Freedom Alliance is preparing a three-conference series to start in February 2024.  These are in many ways a continuation of the World War III conference held in April, 2023, and highlight how that War is being waged right here without our even really being aware of it.  The three conferences are as follows:

The War on Men: Is there any doubt that there is a war being waged against men and masculinity? In every way, there are efforts to emasculate men and boys, and the consequences of this are dire, not only for them as individuals, but for society at large.  A nation without men is a non-viable nation, and that is where we are headed.  Examples include:

  • the notion of “toxic masculinity” that is being poured all over our boys and men;
  • utterly untrustworthy rape accusations are becoming routine as well as those harking back decades as in the case of the Kavanaugh hearings;
  • a quashing of the virtues of heroism, adventurism, courage, honor and valor;
  • the debasing of the value of fatherhood and the role of fathers generally;
  • the “anything you can do, I can do better” and “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” mantras of feminism;
  • the utter feminization of absolutely everything including a resultant dominant operating premise of safetyism as was paramount during the COVID hysteria


We need our men to be men, and we need our boys to become men (and not be seen as “imperfect girls”). We need a revival of pride in masculinity and a restoration of masculine values and strength in civic life. 

The War on Women: No, this doesn’t refer to the patriarchy, as the Left would have you believe. This refers to how any gains made in terms of equality have actually been quashed in two different ways. First, the overzealousness of women to constantly live according to the feminist mantras above has led to women denying their femininity, an imbalance in male-female relationships, a mistaken notion that you can, indeed, “have it all” but where motherhood takes a back seat to career “satisfaction.” Indeed, it is marvelous to have more opportunities than prior generations, but personal and professional lives have gotten out of balance, and this has taken a toll. Second, the zeal with which institutions generally have embraced the idea of men wanting to be treated as women has dealt a huge blow to women and girls in the last few years. For example:

    • Men being honored as woman of the year in countless categories ;
    • various male athletes cheating female athletes out of records, scholarships, successes,
    • our girls and women deprived of privacy in locker rooms and bathrooms, and at least on one instance being raped by a boy claiming to have gender dysphoria;
    • losing out in one arena after another to a man claiming to be in the “wrong” body;
    • the very idea that somehow being a woman comes down to long hair, dresses and heels.

When defining “what is a woman” is an impossibility, the war on women can only be seen as having succeeded. As with the revival of masculinity, we need a revival of femininity as well, an embracing of how men and women are different, and a renewed appreciation of the value of womanhood. There are two contradictory sets of arguments that are made: first that there is no difference, and second, that these difference are big enough to warrant mutilation of children.

The War on Children: This is the hardest to face, because it’s the cruelest.  Harming children is one of the most evil acts one can undertake, and when this harm is institutionalized, in government, in schools, in families, in medicine, it reveals a depravity that is unbearable and unforgiveable.  This war manifests itself, at the very least, in these ways:

  • the permanent mutilation, sterilization, castration of children for reasons that include Munchausen by proxy, a narcissism of the parent, an agenda of medical professionals, a sick distortion of what “care” is, a need to undermine a child’s sense of self and sexuality;
  • the masking and “vaccinating” of children when they are neither at risk of real danger of COVID nor of transmitting it;
  • the lack of challenging them in school, preferring to not “damage” their self esteem but instead robbing them of some of life’s greatest joys: accomplishment and meeting challenges!;
  • the war on fathers and on mothers creates victims of children;
  • the emphasis on “DEI” in schools also is demoralizing and destructive, and isolates children by category of shame;
  • the atomizing and imposition of anomie is devastating and destructive;
  • the deliberate lack of setting goals for children is theft in a deeply pernicious manner.


Children need boundaries, goals, challenges, a clear understanding of virtues and of consequences, and especially, they need to be allowed to be children.

A society that seeks overtly to destroy its children, and that does so under cover of care and fake compassion, can only be described as evil.


Another aspect that will be woven into these conferences is The War on the Family: Add up all of the above, and what do you have?  The destruction of the family. Men are dissuaded from being men and certainly their role as fathers is diminished; women are encouraged to be man-like, and motherhood is relegated to a role secondary to career.  The very institution of family is under attack, and all institutions that depend on it and support it are also under attack. We are being secularized, parents’ rights are being attacked at every level, from being made aware of what’s being read in schools to having boys in girls locker rooms to saying no to mutilation of children to even being made aware that a child is being treated as a different gender in school, to being called terrorists for acting as a responsible parent. Theme parks, libraries, sports… the deliberate and aggressive war on standards, war on Judeo-Christian values and mores, war on the traditional is pervasive.  Compare television today to in the 50’s, 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s, and the contrast is stark: a classic, traditional nuclear family has no place in Hollywood, and this is another vehicle of the destruction of the idea of an ideal family.


None of this is coincidence. All of this is deliberate, and it’s all based on two fundamental precepts. First, the family is the dominant bulwark against totalitarian overreach so that destroying it leaves individuals and society vulnerable to dissolution and imposition of a governmental entity that provides, or pretends to provide, the safety that the family is supposed to provide.  Second, the more you confuse, undermine, de-person individuals, the more vulnerable you make them, too, to external and collectivist control.  So in short, the more you remove the ability to act on our innate and necessary inclinations, and the more you distort them and replace them with things counter to what we know to be correct, the less able we are to realize our best potential, the less capable we are of being the agents of our own successes, and the more vulnerable we are to external imposition of collectivist rule.

This is war. These are the facets of World War III that we all experience “on the ground,” in our lives, our homes, our towns, our schools, churches, doctors’ offices.  It’s been being waged for decades, but it’s time we start fighting back.

Each conference will address the various ways in which war is being waged, but also will present solutions, actions, ideas for how to combat and claw back the rightful place of men, of women, of children, of family.

Conference Series Structure

Each conference will take place on the a Sunday , with a dinner on the Saturday night prior, and concluding with an informal reception Sunday evening.  Breakfast and lunch will be included on Sunday; the Saturday dinner will be a separate event and the Sunday reception is unhosted except for VIPs and speakers.

Each conference will have approximately 8 speakers, and there will also be a silent auction with items related to the topic.



We are also looking for event sponsors, individuals as well as businesses.

Event sponsorships:

Torch Sponsors

$2500 per conference, $9000 for series sponsorship. 

Individual Sponsors at this level receive recognition on the website and the conference programmes, a thank you from the podium and 4 VIP tickets to whichever conference(s) they sponsor.

Corporate Sponsors at this level receive an 3×3 ad in the programme, name and logo on a banner, recognition on the website, 4 VIP tickets to whichever conference(s) they sponsor

Blaze Sponsors

$5000 per conference, $18,000 for series sponsorship

Individual Sponsors at this level receive the above, and 10 VIP tickets to whichever conference they sponsor and VIP access to an exclusive cocktail event

Corporate Sponsors at this level receive a 5×5 ad in the programme, name and logo on a banner, recognition on the website and 10 tickets to whichever conference(s) they sponsor


This series will address the most potent, atomized level of the wars that are being waged against us.  Geopolitical warfare is a dominant aspect of national security and therefore of freedoms, but this? War against the essence of each of us is as fundamental to our personal, individual freedoms as it gets.

Be part of this unique series of conferences. Join us for one, two or all three.



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