War on Men – Conference 1 of our War on Practically Everybody series

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Is there any doubt that there is a war being waged against men and masculinity? In every way, there are efforts to emasculate men and boys, and the consequences of this are dire, not only for them as individuals, but for society at large.  A nation without men is a non-viable nation, and that is where we are headed. 

Examples include:

  • the notion of “toxic masculinity” that is being poured all over our boys and men;
  • the destruction of chivalry;
  • utterly untrustworthy rape accusations are becoming routine as well as those harking back decades as in the case of the Kavanaugh hearings;
  • a quashing of the virtues of heroism, adventurism, courage, honor and valor;
  • the debasing of the value of fatherhood and the role of fathers generally;
  • the “anything you can do, I can do better” and “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” mantras of feminism;
  • the utter feminization of absolutely everything including a resultant dominant operating premise of safetyism as was paramount during the COVID hysteria..


We need our men to be men, and we need our boys to become men (and not be seen as “imperfect girls”). We need a revival of pride in masculinity and a restoration of masculine values and strength in civic life. 


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