Dr. Bradley Thayer – Thinking Like A Communist: Understanding the China Threat

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Dr. Bradley Thayer, Director of China Policy at the Center for Security Policy and the co-author of, among others, Understanding the China Threat spoke at our World War III: The Early Years conference held in Los Angeles on April 22 and 23.  Explaining the Communist vision, perspective, Weltanschauung, including the Soviet as well as Maoist/CCP points of view, Dr. Thayer gave us an important groundwork for understanding the China Threat.  Noting various of the evil characteristics of Communism: that it is inhumane, that it destroys all it touches, that they want to kill liberalism and replace it with totalitarianism, and, perhaps most importantly, “Communists want to kill you,” he also went on to explain the various strategies that they have implemented in order to achieve their goal of world dominance.  In particular, he cites their success in this War just through their infiltration of and control over the “ideas industries,” that is, the culture.

Watch his video here, but don’t miss the many short clips also on our rumble channel.


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