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The current mayhem in cities all across the country is the product and manifestation of Marxist efforts to topple the very structure of America and all that we value.  The Left’s Long March Through the Institutions has, over decades, replaced education with indoctrination throughout our schools, K-12 and university, public and private.  The primary elements of this indoctrination have been hatred of America and a criminal distortion of our founding, but no field has been left unscathed: science, math, literature, all have been hijacked by the Left and rendered unrecognizable as academic fields and serve only to advance the Leftist narrative.  This is true theft from our children, as well as abusive in that fomenting hate, rage, irrationality and shame is profoundly destructive to their health and well-being.

In addition, the Left has, in true Marxist fashion, replaced “class” as the dividing force with race, a more immutable attribute and one which has been exploited to their own ends.

Because of how education is at the core, not only of our current chaos but of nearly every threat faced by America and the West generally, AFA is launching an education-based initiative, our Liberty Index project.  You can read more about it here.

We have long realized that until we address the destructive education system, any gains we make on any front – radical environmentalism, embrace of socialism, hatred of America, etc – the annual spewing out of hundreds of thousands of new indoctrinated social justice warriors for whom truth has no value will require our continued efforts, year after year.  The only way to stop this constant flow of AOCs is by grabbing back our institutions of education, and this effort is aimed to be a major step in that direction.

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Attributes of Excellent Schools

These are the characteristics that contribute to a high Liberty score


Attributes of Unacceptable Schools

These are the characteristics that rank LOW on the Liberty Index scale


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