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The American Freedom Alliance is launching our Liberty Index initiative, an important element in the fight against the anti-American mayhem

Look around you.  Look at the mayhem being perpetrated on our cities and towns.  Look at the violence towards our law enforcement, our statues, our history.

Look at the hatred of America and the breathtaking ignorance that underlies this hate.

We’re living in near-Revolutionary times where organizations are seeking, literally, to undermine practically everything about the country. As President Trump put it on July 3 at Mt. Rushmore, “This left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution. In so doing they would destroy the very civilization that rescued billions from poverty, disease, violence, and hunger, and that lifted humanity to new heights of achievement, discovery, and progress. To make this possible, they are determined to tear down every statue, symbol, and memory of our national heritage.they are seeking a Revolution to overturn the Revolution that gave birth to this, the most free and most prosperous nation on Earth.”

And why is it that these people are so stunningly ignorant that they feel hate rather than the most profound gratitude to be living here?

Because our education system has taught them so.

For decades, our schools have been centers of indoctrination rather than education, as part of the left’s Long March through the Institutions.  And among the worst of it?  They are teaching hatred of America, of Western Civilization, of the greatness of the giants on whose shoulders we stand.  And that’s even before the criminally propagandistic and dishonest Project 1619 that’s newly being inserted into our school curricula.  Don’t get me started.

Their warping of our history has taught shame of America rather than pride in this exceptional nation, and this in turn is what’s predicating the destruction of our cities that we’re seeing day in, day out.  But it’s not only history that has been twisted to their purposes.  Math, science, literature, all have been hijacked by the Left, and the continued emphasis on undermining a Judeo-Christian value system while indoctrinating even young children with hyper-sex-ed, identity destruction and overall groupthink is also doing untold damage to today’s kids. 

After AFA’s conference on the left’s Long March through the Institutions last May, we decided to address how damaged our schools have become; the riots, though, really unleashed the catastrophic consequences of this damage, both in terms of destroying our cities but also revealing the hatred, anger and shame that we know are harmful to our kids’ well-being.

So, what is our plan?

We will assess K-12 schools – public as well as private – according to a “Liberty Index” that we will create, and this assessment will be a resource for parents, teachers and communities by providing guidance regarding  schools’ viewpoints and values.  In addition, we will be making a repository for liberty-based, values-based reporting on K-12 schools. 

We are taking a two-step approach to creating a comprehensive resource for parents and the community at large to help them find a school that will support their ideological and educational intentions for their children.

The end goal is to create a website that will have a “liberty index” scoring system, anecdotes, links to videos and articles relating to schools, and other mechanisms to support parents’ efforts to find exceptional schools in the morass of a constantly-declining array of public AND private schools. It will be a combination of rigorous assessment, with supporting narrative and reporting, and a repository of school-related articles in the media.

Prior to that, though, as our first step we will create a list of “best” schools seen through a lens of liberty, and another list of “worst” schools.  We will first start with high schools, then broaden our scope to younger grades. This list will be a first cut at assessment and will in itself be a useful tool for parents, and for us as we develop our liberty index criteria. It will also help us create a nation-wide network of organizations, parents, educators, institutions and foundations interested in shining a light on the damage that the left is doing to our children, and committed to taking important and unified steps to improving the K-12 academic morass that we have today.

To generate this list, we are asking educators and you, our AFA community, for your input.  Click this link for a form you can use to give us your choices of best and worst schools and why you chose them. All inputs will remain confidential and will be reviewed and vetted.  Or click here for a form you can fill out on your computer.

To help create our Liberty Index and do the assessment, we will be convening a panel of educators as an independent review board; announcements will be made regarding this panel as members are selected.

We all know how destructive so many of our schools are, but we also know of some which are truly excellent.  And while we often hear of parents opting to homeschool, there are families for whom that is just not an option. So please help us help them, and help us help teachers find schools where they will feel free to teach rather than indoctrinate, to be proud of America and our heritage, and to not be forced into crowing Leftist propaganda at every turn.

Help us create a Liberty Index for assessing schools, and be part of addressing some of the mayhem we’re living through now and bringing a real education to our kids.



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  • Shrinking Violet

    Great idea!!! More info could be helpful. but it will also paint a target on any teacher or school that defies the Cultural Marxist orthodoxy.

    • Karen Siegemund

      A school, yes…. we all know we need courage to fight back. They’ve dominated too long.

  • Many possibilitiea

    Please broaden the Liberty index to include individual people.

    • Karen Siegemund

      What we will be doing in the next phase is creating a database that will include teachers to stay away from, and teachers to seek out!

  • Nancy

    All federal funding needs to be cut off to schools that teach and indoctrinate children with lies and anti-American ideas. The teacher’s unions need to be destroyed. As a former teacher, I quit the teacher’s union rather having my dues go to support Jimmy Carter. It is just an arm of the democrat party. Support charter schools and parental choice where the tax dollars follow the child. Another problem is the publishers of the text books that print these lies, something needs to be done about that.

  • Funbowhunter

    Thank goodness! We need to get rid of tenure for bad teachers as well. Get back to just teaching the basics and get rid of the social engineering.

    • Karen Siegemund

      Absolutely true. Tenure is one of the key problems for sure.

  • trumpedup

    It’s the most important and necessary step, we must fix education… I’ll support it anyway i can, money time whatever it takes,this brainwashing must end…
    Donations are on the way..!!!!

  • Douglas Hanlon

    Charter Schools are better than nothing (ie government-monopoly schools) but what we really need is full School Choice.

    Anyone interested in this question ought to read the latest book by Professor John Merrifield, which you can get here:

    and visit his website, here:

    It is possible to take children from deprived backgrounds, and, with the right teaching methods, have them outperform their more privileged white counterparts.

    How do we know? Because there is a school in Britain that is doing it! Just Google for ‘Michaela Community School’ ‘Brent’ — and you’ll read a remarkable story. Note that in Britain, the rough equivalent of getting a high school diploma is passing a set of ‘GCSE’ exams, taken at 16, and that the grades run from 1 to 9, with 7-9 being equivalent to an ‘A’.

    More people should know about Michaela School. (It’s no use having a Charter School, if you continue with the failing ‘progressive’ educational methods taught in EdSchool.)

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