Epoch Times Features AFA President Karen Siegemund and the Fight to Preserve Culture

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The Epoch Times ran a feature article on AFA president Dr. Karen Siegemund and her commitment to the defense of Western Civilization and for the American values we hold dear.  

The article covers the numerous aspects of her life that contribute to her being a driven advocate of our culture, and and effective President of the American Freedom Alliance.

From the article:

“As a conservative, one thing we need to take a little bit more time and doing is celebrating beauty, because it’s beauty that we’re losing, along with all kinds of other things. But if we can uplift beauty, I think that in itself is helpful,” she said.

“So engaging in the fight in the culture, yes, there’s schools and Hollywood and all of that. But just celebrating beauty, celebrating great art, going to those museums, going to those concerts is such a great way to be positive and to bring about positive change. How you celebrate beauty can inoculate, I think, against the destructive forces,” Siegemund said.

And as a warning:

“People need to know, people need to be aware, people need to especially be cautious because tyranny and totalitarianism don’t come in with a bang, they come in with baby steps of eroding freedoms and we’re seeing that.”

And that interview was in November, before the totalitarian-like reaction by some to the virus.  

Read the whole article here, then let Karen know your reaction to the article by emailing her at Karen@AmericanFreedomAlliance.org





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