Toxic Schools, Poisoned Children, Destroyed Republic

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This summer I’ve had ants in my kitchen, attracted, no doubt, to the pet food.  So I bought “ant bait” at the supermarket, and placed the little pods at strategic locations along where these ants make their way to the food.

And lo, they came to the little trap, lured by the bait, and crawled in and out and around the little plastic innocuous-looking “house.”  They seemed, though, to then resume their activity without being affected.

But no, says the package insert.  They will seem perfectly fine, but what they do, though, is collect the poison on their tiny feet and track it back to their nest, unaware of how they’ve been suckered, duped, and used as a poison delivery system to wipe out their entire little ant community. 

And that, I thought, is exactly what our schools are doing.

What is happening today – and in recent years – is a deliberate poisoning of our children’s minds with the intent to kill our entire community, i.e. this great nation.  They’re lured in with tasty morsels, appear to the naked eye to be normal upon emerging, but then, KA-POW, the poison is everywhere.

My guess is, you already know this is true.


The Left’s Long March through the Institutions has seen the education system as the most crucial institution to be gutted of its original purpose – education, fact and truth-seeking, knowledge of the great thought that has come before and of the giants on whose shoulders we stand,  teaching of critical thinking skills – and replaced with indoctrination of the “evils” of Western Civilization and America in particular, an emphasis on victimhood, racial division, activism based on emotion rather than fact, and critical theory (everything to do with America and the demands to be criticized) rather than critical thinking (everything should be scrutinized with an objective and skeptical eye, using empiricism and reasoning to draw conclusions).

Right now, these undertakings are at the forefront of our schools:

   –   Howard Zinn’s breathtakingly dishonest, deceitful and deliberately deceptive People’s History of the United States is among the most pernicious and pervasive poisoning of our youth’s minds and souls in ways too numerous to count here. Mary Grabar’s exceptionally well-researched and laid out book, Debunking Howard Zinn will have your hair standing on end, so despicable is his dishonesty and activism in the name of revolution.  Poison?  This is one of the most widely used history textbooks in our high schools and colleges, and as if the textbook itself isn’t sufficient, the Zinn Education Project was created to aid in the dissemination of the false narratives put forth by Zinn to discredit all that is good about this nation and foment shame and loathing of it instead.  Indoctrinating children with shame is bad enough; to distort and deceive to create a false basis for that shame is sick.  This is the poison that our children wind up with not only on their little feet but in their hearts and souls, and that is revealed in the destructive behavior when they track it out, into their homes, neighborhoods and workplaces.


   –  The 1619 Project is similar to Zinn’s deceit and even takes it further, recasting the founding American from its usual Declaration of Independence-based 1776 to, instead, 1619, the date of arrival of the supposed first slave ship in Virginia, claiming that the nation in its entirety is founded on the blood and bones of slaves and the institution of slavery itself, a notion as preposterous as it is a-historic. Links to many of the debunkings can be found here.   But this is the narrative clung to by the Left nevertheless as, also with Zinn, shame and loathing of America are the poison they seek to have flowing through our bloodstream, and these, of course, form the basis of the uprisings and activism that we’re subject to today. 


   –  The notion of diversity is one of the most destructive poisons, in large part because it’s cast as so innocuous and hard to argue with, and yet, the toxicity of this idea gets deep, deep into the marrow of our institutions and therefore students who then, upon leaving their little traps, bear the poison as this is now the dominant lens through which they see the world, and which has already all-too-successfully replaced merit, accomplishment, hard work, dedication, deferred gratification, integrity, intellectual rigor and inquiry as elements that contribute to success. This poison has reached our legislative bodies who see fit to mandate corporate board compositions; corporation and other organizations in the form of re-education training; and of course corporate and school admissions and hiring procedures.  Heather Mac Donald’s Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine our Culture describes the destructive nature of this obsession with diversity; Peter Wood’s 2004 Diversity: The Invention of a Concept (and the much shorter 2020 monograph Diversity Rules) details how we got into this mess. Douglas Murray’s Madness of Crowds is also stellar on this topic.  Of course, real diversity isn’t the goal at all, as diversity of thought, the only one that really matters, is the last thing the Left wants.  In fact, their every effort is to quash thought, word and deed that run counter to their worldview, and they do this by purging, firing, shadow-banning, de-funding, de-banking, de-platforming and otherwise silencing dissenting voices.  Diversity?  It’s all about groupthink, Balkanizing us according to skin color and more recently sexual preference.  This is poison at the cellular level.


   –  Climate change, destruction of science generally, social justice math, replacement of great literature with authors who fit the – here it is again – diversity mandates, “Ethnic Studies,” advancement of LGBT advocacy, rejection of Western Civilization and Judeo-Christian heritage and values, confusion of sexual identity, hyper-sexualization, elevation of a fictionalized Islam, and on and on… all of these are part and parcel of the curriculum in the vast majority of today’s schools. Each of these is a seed planted in the minds of our kids as a means of advancing the Left’s agenda of behavior and speech control, and each has no grounding in reality.  All of this is poison, not only of our kids’ minds but of our culture and is designed to be mortally destructive.


Each of these has become a fundamental aspect of our educational institutions, from Kindergarten on up, and has been so successful that daily we see the workings of this poison in the erosion of everything this country once stood for: individual rights, independence, the adventurer-explorer spirit, the courageous risk-taker, “All men are created equal,” meritocracy, equality under the law, “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”  Daily we are less the “land of the free,” and “home of the brave” seems quaint and a relic of times gone by.

The fabric of our nation is being rent day after day, hour after hour, with deliberate and well-crafted, well-placed, well-camouflaged poison, just like I placed those little plastic pods.  And the children, our hope for the future, spend enough time in the pods to get coated and permeated by the poison, so that when they emerge into their communities, families, places of business, that poison is spread.

Riots, toppling of statues, Marxist Black Lives Matter fascism, “diversity” mandates in literally every kind of organization, violent and insane protests in universities, the “Green New Deal,”  hatred of and violence towards law enforcement, excusing of vandalism and arson, personal destruction of people like James Damore whose honest efforts to actually address diversity at Google brought about a torrent of hate, videos like this, this, this and far more than one could ever imagine. All of this is rooted in this poison.  All of it. 

Blue cities have the highest concentration of poison, blue states as well. But make no mistake:  it’s everywhere.  And as long as the Left keeps putting more poison in these pods, the more our kids will swim in this toxicity and track it everywhere they go. 

The damage to our kids, to our community, to our nation, due to this Leftist, anti-America, anti-science, anti-merit, anti-equality, anti-education poison can’t be overestimated, and as long as we continue to permit this constant poisoning, nothing else we do, literally NOTHING else we do, matters.  Every year in California alone, over 400,000 kids graduate high school; nationwide, the number is close to 3.7 million, of which 3.3 million graduate from public, government schools, and with few exceptions, these kids are coated in poison.  Add to that the college grads and the magnitude of the problem is apparent.

Your community, then, has a constant burst, every June, of newly infected young adults.  Like the sprayers in the produce section at the supermarket, regular as clockwork, fffft they infest us. 

The only way we have a chance to restore America to its rightful, original, foundational underpinnings, which are of course what have contributed it to being the freest, most exceptional nation on Planet Earth, is to purge our schools of this poison and stop treating or children like ants, as poison delivery systems into the community with no thought to their health on any level – physical, moral, psychic, mental, any kind of well-being.  Let’s work to give our children the education they deserve, and keep them, and our communities, free of this pervasive toxicity.





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  • Yvonne

    Bravo, Karen! Excellent analogy, truer than true. AFA is a phenomenal anti-toxin!

  • Mary V Di Lucca

    Excellent. I say this has been taking place for years! At Cal State Fullerton, my daughter spent half of her time defending herself in her under and graduate program with professors who roundly hated her. I was exhausted from helping her stick to her “guns”. Trying to kill them with kindness did not always work. One professor in her graduate program informed the students of “Christian, conservative” parents that his goal was to target those students first and hopefully they would be socialist first and at best communists when they were done. God cannot Bless a Nation who has turned their back on prosperity as we have enjoyed.

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