Gordon Chang: China Prepares for War – video from the AFA WW3 Conference

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Gordon Chang, a world-renowned expert on China and North Korea, delivered a chilling talk at the AFA World War III conference in Los Angeles on April 22 and 23rd.  All evidence, he says, points to how China is not only preparing for war, but indeed has declared war on the United States, and seeks global control (at the very least.)
He notes, however, the supreme lack of preparedness, even interest, on the part of those in the US government whose task it is to ensure our security. Xi is preparing for war, he says, while the US stands idly by.  

He cites eight steps for averting war with China, however, and three things each of us can do:  Divest from China, Don’t purchase any products made in China, and demand that websites and others provide COOL – country of origin labeling.  

Gordon Chang then closed with an uplifting tale and message, reminding us of why we must fight. 





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