Jenny Beth Martin: CCP vs. America in the Realm of Intellectual Property Protection

 In China, WWXi Conference

We know Jenny Beth Martin as a co-founder and past President of Tea Party Patriots, one of the dominant organizations of the Tea Party movement which completely changed the political landscape.

In addition, however, she has also been active in the sovereignty movement, and is also, as it happens, an expert on the topic of how the CCP has been engaged in theft of intellectual property, one of the key means by which they have grown their economy and position in the manufacturing world, at, of course, the expense of ours.

Jenny Beth was the lunchtime speaker at the AFA World War III event in Atlanta on May 15th, and her speech was riveting, exposing how China is strengthening its patent law system even as we are weakening ours.  She has been involved in a documentary called “Innovation Race” which sheds light on how China is impacting American innovation and national security, and shared clips from the documentary in her talk. 

Watch her talk here:









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