World War III: The Early Years – A Conference Like No Other

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We’d promised the A-Team on National Security and all aspects of World War III and I have to say, we delivered.

You can read pre-conference descriptions here and here.

And the videos are being processed and uploaded to our Rumble Channel even as we speak.  So far, we have posted Frank Gaffney’s speech on the Myriad Fronts of WWIII as he kicked off the conference, and Dr. Bradley Thayer’s talk on Thinking Like a Communist. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to be notified when further videos are posted.

After two days of in-depth briefs on the topics of China, Russia, the Deep State, Energy as a weapon in WWIII, the use of Artificial Intelligence to advance the war, the Economic markers that seem to indicate that the current economic devastation – part of WWIII – may well presage a more “kinetic” phase, a “shooting war,” as has happened historically when conditions similar to our current ones have been present.

Diving more deeply into the issue of China, we covered: the rise of a nuclear China; the likelihood of China’s invasion of Taiwan, at the very least; how the US enabled and indeed financed the rise of China; how our current administration is, in fact, on the side of China; the nature of Communism and how, ironically, the Western ideology of Marxism has become embedded in China via the Chinese Communist Party; how the people of China are suffering under the illegitimate rule of the CCP – in fact, have been slaughtered under this murderous regime; and many, many other aspects of this totalitarian regime hell-bent on destroying Western Civilization generally and the United States specifically.

So, as you can tell, it was pretty grim.

But I wanted to collate here some of the suggestions for action that came out of the event.

 – Be informed of the threat, then share your concerns with …everybody but especially your elected representatives. This knowledge, too, should be used to vet candidates.  Anyone vying for our support must understand the threat and its existential nature, and be committed to taking a firm stand against these threats in all their myriad forms.  

 – Apply pressure where possible to get the US OUT of the World Health Organization and stop the ceding of our sovereignty to the WHO and other globalist organizations.  Frank Gaffney had initited the #WHEXIT initiative of which AFA is a participant. You can sign the Sovereignty Coalition petition here.  AFA was an original signatory to the effort.

 – Get off of Tik-Tok – not only is it a means of diverting attention to incessant, dopamine-flooding mindless content, but it also is a vehicle of data collection.  Don’t be part of it.  Its pernicious nature is one of the more subtle yet effective tactics of their “urestricted warfare.”

 – Frank Gaffney launched his most recent book, The Indictment: Prosecuting the Chinese Communist Party & Friends for Crimes Against America, China and the World wherein he cites nine specific crimes for which various parties should be and can be indicted. Get the book, read the book, and help exert pressure to ensure these indictments and that justice is done.

 – Energy is an important front in World War III: the deliberate diminishment of our energy availability and the turning back the clock on energy production are part of the weakening of the US – and the west, generally. Dave Walsh spoke at length on this topic.  Don’t capitulate to the fake green agenda, and where you can, speak up.  

 – Colonel John Mills noted that one of the more effective fronts on which we citizens can fight against the totalitarian overreach is at the county level: Take back the counties and the nation will follow, as he also writes in his book, The Nation Will Follow.  He also cited “Seven Power Groups,” seven specific county positions which require our vigilance:   the County Council (or Board of Supervisors), School Boards, the Election Board/Commission, the Registrar of Voters/Recorder, the Sheriff, the Judge and the Supervisor. These are the key power-holders and we need to keep an eye on them.  

 – The extreme pressures to get away from cash would indicate that more aggressive and conscious use of said cash is in order.  In addition, as Ed Dowd discussed, we’re looking at an impending economic catastrophe so, again, going to cash and Treasury Bonds was recommended.

 – Where possible, make every effort to divest from China – whatever investments you have, make a point to discuss divestment with your financial advisor or money manager.

 – There is an extremely broad range of fronts of WWIII – Unrestricted Warfare is just that, and these fronts are external as well as internal.  The open border, Fentanyl, Tik-Tok, the Trans movement, the WHO, ESG, DEI, and so on and so on are all parts of the effort to undermine Freedom, undermine Western Civilization, undermine the US.  If you find something that’s destructive of what we hold dear, it’s part of this effort.  Fight back against it.

 – Be vigilant, be vocal, be pro-active regarding the various threats, the myriad fronts of World War III.  And know that you’re in great company, you are NOT alone.  Be part of the resistance – be part of saving this great nation, these great United States of America.


Photos coming soon, and don’t forget to check out the videos.

Standing with you for Freedom –




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