The Countless Fronts of World War III

 In World War III Conference



The Indictment of President Trump
The Collapse of Banks here and abroad
DEI mandated throughout the Public and Private Sectors
The War in Ukraine
15-Minute Cities
Open Borders
“Green” Energy Policies that Diminish Quality of Life and Create Vulnerability
ESG Scores
Proliferation of Fentanyl
Mutilation of Children
Mandating Injurious “Vaccines” propagandized as “safe and effective”
Subversion of Parental Rights
Demonizing and Destabilizing of Israel
Illegitimate Elections
WHO Treaty that supersedes sovereignty and elected governance
Drag Queen Story Hour for Children
Big Tech
Weaponizing of our Government Institutions
Critical Race Theory (CRT)
China-Russia Alliance
De-Dollaring the World Economy
Big Pharma
Joe Biden in the White House


What do all of these seemingly disparate things have in common?

They all, each and every one, are part of World War III

World War III includes the entire range of attacks leveled against us, against America, against Western Civilization, against the way of life that we treasure.

As we have learned over the years, it’s all too possible to actually lose what we have without a shot being fired.

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle” wrote Sun Tsu in The Art of War. The entire book, Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America by two Colonels in the People’s Army of China addresses exactly this issue: how to wage and win war in ways that include but are not limited to violent conflict. Globalist organizations have penetrated the governments and institutions of too many nations, including the United States, and have implemented their policies, again, without firing a shot. Among other vehicles for this control, Agenda 21/2030 has tentacles that effect us in ways we can’t even fathom. The consequences of capitulation to Leftist, Globalist, Supra-national, Chinese, Marxist, Maoist totalitarian, anti-freedom forces in civic, cultural and government arenas are all too visible, and indeed, are apparent in every corner of our lives.

World War III encompasses ALL of this – and more. The external enemies, and how they have penetrated our government and other institutions, are all part of the entire range of threats we’ve been facing. From the macro level on the global stage, to the micro level relating to our own health freedom and biological warfare, and everything in between, these are part of the War waged against us.

This conference is bringing together the A-Team of experts on all these issues. The analysis they bring and the solutions they propose are all crucial, existentially crucial, for the War we’re in today.

Don’t miss this conference.


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