World War III: The Early Years

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AFA’s UPCOMING CONFERENCE on April 22 and 23


That we are under attack by global threats goes without saying. We’ve been in a Cold War on several fronts for some time now, and the increasing hostilities and take-overs around the world indicate that these threats are on the brink of going “kinetic” in the not-too-distant future. In fact, the war in Ukraine is already a global kinetic hotspot, a proxy for tensions far beyond that Eurasian region, and the alignments and re-alignments are in fact being played out globally.

We will focus on two dominant threats:
– The supranational and trans-national organizations that are pulling the global strings and that are undermining national sovereignty, one of the key bulwarks against totalitarianism;
– And the one national entity whose global reach has been stunningly dangerous, all too effective, and more pervasive than we could have imagined, the Chinese Communist Party.

In addition, we can’t ignore “the enemies within,” that is, how globalist entities as well as the CCP have infiltrated our institutions, both civic and political, and how our representatives are, too often, on the side of those seeking to destroy us, rather than on the side of the United States of America.  

Our expert speakers will describe how and in what way we are facing threats that are deep and dire, including the most up-to-date analyses; how these organizations have subsumed elected governance over the years, not only in the US but throughout western nations generally; how our banking institutions have also been undermined, and the role that the destruction of the economy, both national and global, is playing in this war.  That nations are increasingly ceding their sovereignty to these entities is a development that must be thwarted. The impact that these unelected but supremely powerful organizations wield must not be overlooked; they are one of the most dangerous threats to Western Civilization, and our freedoms, that we face today.

The reach of the Chinese Communist Party also ought not be understated – nor can it be overstated. Their commitment to “unrestricted warfare” is another of the most dangerous threats on the planet, and is as pervasive as it is cunning. In fact, even as this conference has been being developed there has been a tectonic shift in the CCP’s tactics and strategies. Their continued taunts, and our continued demonstration of weakness have created a scenario that gives students of history a sense of deep foreboding. Many of us believe in “Peace through Strength;” what we are seeing is its opposite, and anti-freedom actors around the world are, one might imagine, gleeful at the daily projections of weakness by the United States of America.

Of course, what is also of supreme interest is: how are these threats connected? What, if any, is the relationship between these supra-national entities and the CCP? To what extent are their goals aligned, and where and how do they work together?

And, most importantly: given these threats, what does the future look like, and how can we prevent World War Three from advancing? We’re still in the “Early Years,” but our knowledge of history reveals that the path we’re on is one of supreme concern.

These issues and more will be covered in this next conference.


Forewarned is forearmed: hence this conference.

We aim to INFORM you of the threats to our freedoms; EMPOWER you to be a representative of TRUTH in a world atrociously full of lies; and EMBOLDEN you to be a clear voice for truth and freedom.

The conference will take place at the 

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Speakers include:


Joe Allen * Stephen Coughlin * Frank Gaffney * Brian Kennedy

Trevor Loudon * Colonel (Ret) John Mills

Dr. Michael Rectenwald * Brigadier General (Ret) Robert Spalding

Dr. Bradley Thayer * Patrick Wood

and more to come.

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