World War Xi: A Series of AFA Conferences

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May 15 in Atlanta Georgia



In April, 2023, the American Freedom Alliance held a two-day conference, “World War III: The Early Years,” that addressed the various aspects of global threats. The event was such a success that we are taking it “on the road” to various regions relevant to the 2024 election. The threat posed to the United States, and globally, by the CCP is of such a crucial, even existential nature that we want to do all possible to ensure that national security issues as described here will be front and center as we choose our course in November.

About the conference

The world is embroiled in a War that is in some ways stealthy and “pre-kinetic.” Increasingly, however, it also involves very violent conflicts – to date, notably in Ukraine, Israel and the Red Sea. Others may soon follow, including on our home front.

It seems that the common denominator for every manifestation of this global crisis, whether overt or covert, foreign or domestic, is that Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist Party have either inspired or enabled them – or at least stand to be their principal beneficiaries.

Consequently, while some call it World War III, a more apt name is “World War Xi.”

The reach of the Chinese Communist Party must not be understated – nor can it be overstated. Their commitment to “unrestricted warfare” is one of the most dangerous threats on the planet, and is as pervasive as it is cunning. In fact, even as this conference has been being developed there has been a tectonic shift in the CCP’s tactics and strategies. Their continued taunts, and our continued demonstration of weakness have created a scenario that gives students of history a sense of deep foreboding. Many of us believe in “Peace through Strength;” what we are seeing is its opposite, and anti-freedom actors around the world are, one might imagine, gleeful at the daily projections of weakness by the United States of America.  And in fact, daily, it becomes increasingly apparent that our elites have been “captured” and in fact aren’t playing for our team at all.

Meanwhile, we’re facing threats of handing off our sovereignty to globalist organizations… who are, as it happens, connected to China.  

Out A-team of experts will explore: 

– the myriad threats posed directly and indirectly by the CCP, both here and abroad;
– how they are being exacerbated by “captured elites” in this country – including in our own government;
– and what we must do now to prevail in World War Xi.

You will come away from this event INFORMED on the threat, EMPOWERED with the information that will be disseminated here, and EMBOLDENED to speak, act, vote, in accordance with what is learned.


You will come away from this event INFORMED on the threats to our freedoms; EMPOWERED to be a representative of TRUTH in a world atrociously full of lies; and EMBOLDENED to speak, act, vote, in support of   truth and freedom.


Speakers for our ATLANTA Event May 15th:

STEVE BANNON (remotely)

Speakers include:

Frank Gaffney * Brian Kennedy

Trevor Loudon * Charles “Sam” Faddis * Connie Elliott

with more to follow.


Please join us in Atlanta for this first on-the-road event!

Registration: 9-10AM
Program begins at 10AM
Buffet lunch will be served at 1:00PM
Program concludes at 5PM
Informal reception to follow

Tickets include buffet lunch and no-host reception following the event.

General admission: $50, $60 at the door.

VIP tickets:  $150 and include preferred seating, an AFA notebook and two complimentary drinks at the reception.

We are also offering a Speaker-Sponsor Dinner the night of May 14th. This is an exclusive dinner with conference speakers. Dinner tickets are $1,000, and any level of sponsorship also includes tickets to the dinner.

Sponsorships: We are also offering three sponsorship opportunities to help us bring this event to as broad an audience as possible.  Sponsors of $1000 or more will be included in an exclusive dinner with conference speakers the night before the conference, as well as other sponsorship benefits.


and more to come.


To Register for this incredible event, click here

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