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Steve Bannon    *     Gordon Chang    *    Bill Gertz   *   Frank Gaffney    *    Trevor Loudon   *   Curtis Ellis    
and many more.

Some of the topics to be addressed:

History and Current Status of US-China Relations   ~  Intellectual Property   ~  Finance/Trade ~  Manufacturing    ~   Defense    ~  US Investment    ~   Aerospace    ~    Human Rights    ~   Propaganda/Influencers    ~   China in Europe/Africa    ~   Taiwan/Hong Hong    ~   China and the Global Left    ~  Chinese Dissident Groups vs. the CCP




April 26, 2020
Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel
11461 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

9AM – 4PM
Registration begins at 8AM

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Jew hatred is hardly a new phenomenon, and the shape that it has taken over the millenia has, too often, been catastrohic if not existential.  In recent years, we’ve been experiencing a resurgence of anti-semitism, and the American Freedom Alliance in our April 26th conference will be taking a frank, open and comprehensive look at the sources and consequences of Jew hatred.

For more information and tickets, click here.

Liberty Index Survey Summary

American Freedom Alliance Liberty Index Survey In support of AFA’s Liberty Index Initiative, a survey was sent out to the AFA community where 21 different attributes were listed, and respondents were asked to rate each attribute as something that a school MUST not have, PREFER not to have, Doesn’t matter, SHOULD have and MUST HAVE. […]

Book Recommendations from the AFA Video Discussion Group

For 15 weeks, a dedicated group met via Zoom to discuss  Victor Davis Hanson’s Freedom Academy video series.  At the conclusion, we created this list of reading suggestions.   Reading suggestions from VDH Discussion Group   WWII, before and after   In the Garden of the Beast – Erik Larson Devil In The White City […]

What We’re Reading – AFA Community’s Reading Recommendations

We asked, you answered! Recommended reading    36 members of the AFA community submitted their reading recommendations.  The titles have been loosely sorted into categories, and where commentary was added I’ve included it here. Also, of the 36, seventeen respondents said they’ve been reading MORE during the shutdown, 17 said they’re reading about the same, and […]

Recommended Reading: Education, Western Civ, “Diversity”

As part of building the Liberty Index resource, I’ve been doing an awful lot of reading, and wanted to pass my reading list on to you. Diversity – not actual diversity which is a good thing, but obsessive, maniacal, fragmentational faux diversity The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine […]

Toxic Schools, Poisoned Children, Destroyed Republic

This summer I’ve had ants in my kitchen, attracted, no doubt, to the pet food.  So I bought “ant bait” at the supermarket, and placed the little pods at strategic locations along where these ants make their way to the food. And lo, they came to the little trap, lured by the bait, and crawled […]

Organizations and Resources related to K12 Education and Assessment

It’s not really news to anybody that our education system has been hijacked by cultural Marxists/ the Left to advance their destructive agenda, and has been so for a long, long time. Our Liberty Index initiative was motivated by exactly this, and seeks to provide a resource for parents and educators to find schools that […]

Liberty Index – an AFA Education Initiative

The American Freedom Alliance is launching our Liberty Index initiative, an important element in the fight against the anti-American mayhem Look around you.  Look at the mayhem being perpetrated on our cities and towns.  Look at the violence towards our law enforcement, our statues, our history. Look at the hatred of America and the breathtaking […]

Epoch Times Features AFA President Karen Siegemund and the Fight to Preserve Culture

The Epoch Times ran a feature article on AFA president Dr. Karen Siegemund and her commitment to the defense of Western Civilization and for the American values we hold dear.   The article covers the numerous aspects of her life that contribute to her being a driven advocate of our culture, and and effective President of […]

Curtis Ellis: How to Hold China Accountable: Build Our Own Stuff

From Curtis Ellis, America First Policies Senior Policy Analyst, and published by American Greatness:  How to Hold China Accountable: Build Our Own Stuff Saying “we need to collaborate with China” sounds a lot like, “let’s keep on kissing Xi’s ass.” By Curtis Ellis • May 20, 2020 “It’s starting to happen.” That’s what Brad Parscale said around 8 […]

Stop ACA5 – Stop the Reinstatement of Racial Quotas

The California Legislature is moving rapidly – during this lockdown –  to sneak through a bill, ACA5, whose purpose is to repeal  Proposition 209.   If you recall, in 1996 Prop 209 passed with 55% of the popular vote, with the simple California Constitutional provision taken from the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which states:  “The […]

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