The Left’s Destruction and Silencing of US – what we’re worried about

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From January 18 to February 4th, AFA members replied to a survey intended to help us focus our working groups and activity.  

This was one of the questions: 

What is your biggest concern right now?

Its openendedness was deliberate;  no answers were offered so each respondent’s reply was uninfluenced.

The answers were wide-ranging, but categorized here for clarity.


The Left’s Destruction and silencing of us  

The strategy that the Left uses against  us (the right) to vilify, degrade, deplatform and destroy us and our weak and ineffective response to this.

Retaliation for expressing my ideas

How unabashedly Orwellian the left have openly become. And how unaware the establishment R/Conservative is about what the struggle is.

To rally 80 million Patriots and Quash the Commie left.

The desire by Democrats to punish and/or destroy the Right.  The Left wants retribution.   My concern is how will Conservatives or Republicans, best handle Dems who say we need to be “deprogrammed,” etc….

Ruining the reputation of conservatives.  Lack of leadership among Republicans.  If Trump is handcuffed, who will take the reins?

Learning about our enemies & adversaries: who they are, what their goals / strategies / techniques are. Sun Tzu: know your enemy.


Free speech


Free speech is under attack. Democrats have us on the road to serfdom  and are ensuring that they permanently stay in Power.

attacks on freedom of speech

Erosion of freedom of speech.


Preserving Free Speech

Freedom of expression.



Election Integrity  

Election Fraud & how this will be addressed moving forward

routing out the corruption in our electoral processes; the real possibility that the U.S. is becoming a Chinese colony; the use of self-loathing and other narratives to weaken western society.

“a.  Election Integrity – do we have a democracy or constitutional republic?  b. 2nd Declaration of Independence back to 1776 original constitution  c. How can we permanently eliminate political corruption?  

Fear of Communism  

blocking the communist takeover of America

Take over of USA by old enemy with the help of strong influence of  foreign/religious power over people of USA.


Loss of Constitutional Rights

Loss of Constitutional rights as the President declares major emergencies

Loss of our constitutional rights, and the dissolution of our country as we know it.



Education: 2 things: 1) the rise of “anti-racism” indoctrination in schools & corporate America, and 2) the flood of social justice content set to come out of entertainment cos. like Netflix from people like Oprah, Colin Kaepernick, Patrice Cullors of BLM, LeBron James, & the NYT’s 1619 Project. Our side needs counter-narratives and outlets for them.

Media has a lot of control, I know I work there but I am sick of who runs it and they push a lot of very extreme things and can because they run things. 

Big Tech / Media control – silencing of conservative free speech”


Loss of Freedom generally

Loss of freedom.

Loss of freedoms.


Other:  includes from multiple categories and some of their own

Masks!!!! I won’t wear one. Ever. I volunteer with Citizens For Free Speech. I’d like to sign up for your event January 31st but I will not wear a mask.


The speed with which socialist tyranny is moving to shut down free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to private property.

Demoralized that President Trump’s accomplishments are being reversed by those who have usurped executive power.  Demoralized at the realization that the Democrat Party operatives have been stealing elections and getting  away with it.  Demoralized that judges and elected officials are AWOL in doing what they now it right, abandoning principled responses, and culling favor with politicians intent on giving away the store to enemy countries and an ongoing massive wave of illegal immigrants from terrorist Third World countries intent on taking over the U.S. from within.  Sad the Chi Kom are again being put on a pedestal and given favored nation status.  Demoralized at the outrageous behavior graft and abandonment of borders and family values that characterize the Biden family’s priorities and world view. . Demoralized at the cabinet appointments of Biden’s kitchen cabinet.  Demoralized at Biden’s going retro on Iran, allowing them to move forward with nuke and to do so with impunity.  Demoralized at Biden reversing U.S. positions on Israel.

People who work at large firms can be fired for not going along with the Woke religion. People who voted for Trump being removed from public forums.

Newsom Recall

censorship and illegal immigration

I feel like we have no voice, no leverage, no power.

Efforts are made by professional political elites to change the political and social culture of USA through different modes of media to a political culture that existed in prewar Nazi Germany. Also to turn USA into  3rd world country.

Taking back our country from foreigners.

making a difference in our local to national government. Time for conversation is over, it’s time for action. Putting our people into every position possible. Winning offices.

Chinese Communist Party bribery/influence on Washington, other elites, Big Business, Media and Big Tech

Communist takeover and the overthrowing of the constitution and our freedoms.

Joke Biden in office


Clearly, there is much to be concerned about; the next step is to find ways to address them effectively.

Stand by for AFA’s upcoming activist and discussion groups.

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