Brian Kennedy: America’s Shocking Vulnerability to the CCP

 In China, WWXi Conference

Brian Kennedy, the Chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, spoke at the May 15th World War III conference in Atlanta on the topic of how vulnerable the United States is to the Chinese Communist Party.

Mr. Kennedy’s talk began with what was essentially a warning on the crucial nature of the upcoming election: if we don’t win the election, we can’t fix anything. And ensuring a free and fair election is crucial: the corruption of the election process steals more than an election, but it steals our freedom and perverts the truth.  

But the main purpose of his talk was to describe the nature of the war that China has been waging against us.  He broke it down into three aspects:  The Political War, including how they have manipulated and demoralized us; the Cold War created a situation where we lost our seriousness as a nation, and left us with nobody in any decision-making position who understands the threat and how vulnerable we are; the gigantic investment – $60Billion – China spends in this country to purchase influence and we do nothing in response.  Positing how trivial it would be for China to completely pervert the next election by the most basic of efforts, Mr. Kennedy made clear just how vulnerable we are, and that we don’t have the will and seriousness to stop it.

Shot through with historical and philosophical commentary, Brian Kennedy’s talk is riveting as well as hugely informative.

Brian Kennedy is President of the American Strategy Group, a think tank dedicated to understanding the strategic threats to the United States. Mr. Kennedy is also a board member and senior fellow of the Claremont Institute where he had served as president.  Mr. Kennedy is the author of Communist China‚Äôs War Inside America  and co-author of The CCP is at War with America: A Team B Report on the COVID-19 Biological Warfare Attack.


Watch his talk here:




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