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AFA President Dr. Karen Siegemund has joined AFA Fellow Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff for a weekly show on the Encounter Truth network.  Their show is called The Sound of Freedom, tying together their connections with Austria (Elisabeth is from Vienna, Karen spent summers there as a child) and Freedom, the driving force for both of them.

Each show covers freedom-related issues, generally as they relate to Europe and America, and they cover big-themed issues (tyranny! totalitarianism!) as well as current events, for a thoughtful and engaging conversation.

Encounter Truth is a subscription-based network, and other hosts include Clare Lopez and Trevor Loudon.  Subscribers can watch shows live (theirs is at 11AM Pacific time on Wednesdays) or any past shows in the archives.

From Kat, the producer:

Iā€™m excited to share with you a new program on, PLUS a great discount they are offering for new subscribers to check it out.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Karen Siegemund, two incredible women, have teamed up and have a weekly program called The Sound of Freedom

I want you to come check out ALL of their new programs and also get a great taste of what has to offer. Let me share their special offer with you.

This introductory package for The Sound of Freedom contains the following:

   –  The Premiere Package (basic monthly subscription for EncounterTruth) which gives you access to ALL of the programs hosted in either the FRONT ROOM or the SMORGASBORD plus their complete archives. Every venue on EncounterTruth hosts not less than one program a month in one of these two rooms, therefore you will hear: Trevor Loudon, Clare Lopez, John Guandolo and his team, and all the rest too during your 30-day promotion. Basic subscription fee is $15.00/month.

   –  THE SOUND OF FREEDOM ā€“ You will have access to each of their weekly programs and all of their archives. This add-on program is only $2.50/month which a portion of that goes to them to support their work.

   –  Added Bonus: THE BACKSTORY with Clare Lopez ā€“ You will have access to her weekly programs and all of her archives. This add-on program is only $2.50/month.


Total cost of this package is only $20.00/month to hear the latest breaking information and news on a weekly basis from so many programs DISCOUNTED FOR YOU for the first 30-days to only $5.00, a savings of 75% or $15.00. You are free to cancel prior to the end of the 30-days or you will be automatically upgraded to the full package cost upon monthly renewal.

CLICK HERE to sign up

This link will take you directly to the checkout point where you will need to set up your account. If you have any questions, there is a blue bubble in the lower right corner where someone will be available to assist you.

Once you have signed up, you should receive an email that will walk you through the logging in process and how to navigate the website. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Kat for assistance or to have her personally walk you through logging on the first time. You can set up a time with her by emailing

Elisabeth and Karen would love to see you online with them ā€“ and to even be a part of the open discussion at the end of each program. 

I do hope you check out their show.






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