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Message to the Anti-Vax-Mandate Task Force, 17 May, 2021

Dear Vax Task Force!

IF THIS IS MORE INFO THAN YOU CARE ABOUT, that’s perfectly fine!  take what you like and there will be plenty to do, with or without reading all this!

Over the years, we’ve seen our freedoms whittled away, removed wholesale, threatened and agitated against.  

These threats have occurred in countless arenas, in every sector, from both public and private actors.

The Left’s Long March has been thorough, and there’s not any part of our civic or public lives that’s left unscathed by their constant and deliberate action.

But the latest threat, the movement towards mandated “vaccines” with the attendant tracking of it – “passports” is a useful shorthand for any kind of certification of vaccine status – is, it seems, aimed to destroy forever the fundamental philosophical premises on which this nation was built and has thrived. And I mean destroy, and I mean forever.  

And because of this, because this is the greatest threat ever faced to our most basic principles and, by extension, the unity of our nation, AFA is taking this on, and if you’re reading this, you understand the issue and want to be part of the fight, which is crucial because now, more than ever, we need to work together against these forces that can only be called evil.

A few points:
1)  There are already many, many excellent and effective people in this fight already. Peggy Hall and Leigh Dundas have done great things in Orange County and are continuing to do so. A preliminary list is here but these two are stellar.

2) The intent of this effort is less to address the safety of the “vaccines” and more the issue of the mandate, but of course everything to do with the vaccines themselves is part of the argument, although we’d fight against a mandate regardless, naturally.

3) The fact that the “vaccines” are (currently) only approved as experimental is also an important part of the argument against the mandates.

4) Mandates can come from many quarters: 

    – Boards of Supervisors imposing a mandate:  in Orange County Peggy Hall and Leigh Dundas have (so far) been effective in their efforts to stop the OC Board of Supervisors from imposing a mandate at the government level
   –  Boards of Supervisors or any tier of government predicating OPENING on vaccine compliance, either by percent vaccinated in the state (Oregon) or percent vaccinated in a given kind of venue etc. The idea of “herd immunity” is used a weapon here, and of course that magic x% is changeable on any given day.

   –  corporations or other institutions mandating employees being vaccinated (Delta just one of many), students being vaccinated, customers, passengers, attendees etc.

   – and of course to a lesser extent, family and friends imposing these restrictions of their own accord

   – the creation of a a two-tier society, that is, not through mandates per se but bifurcating services and therefore civic life on the basis of vaccination status. The Hollywood Bowl, for example, is creating (at least for now) vaccinated and non-vaccinated sections.  

5) MANY states have already passed anti-mandate laws.  California will NOT be one of those states (in my humble opinion) but again, may choose NOT to impose mandates per se but use them as criteria for opening, support them for the bifurcation, generally continue the push for vaccination (which FL is continuing to do by the way, even with prohibiting mandates) 

These articles were from a few days ago, regarding what’s happening in other states

These States Are Banning COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements | Best States | US News

Why 40 States Are Seeing Efforts To Stop COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates (

These states are trying to ban or curtail the use of ‘vaccine passports’ (

The new law in FLA:  Vaccine ‘passport’ ban clears Florida House ( – this has great arguments on our side, and reveals their concerns, which we can address

From a high school kid, exhibiting the extent of the indoctrination: Opinion: How schools should handle anti-vaxxers – HS Insider ( – it also brings up the idea of exemptions

6) The more the government makes vaccines something on which regular commerce depends – i.e. devolving the decision to the business owner about opening at, say 50% not caring about vaccines, but 100% if everyone is vaccinated – then owners will be clamoring for passports, and the vaccinated will, too.  The price to NOT have one and not mandate them will be too high.

7) If it were ONLY about one disease, no matter how bad it is, that would be one thing. JUST the mask, JUST the 2 weeks, JUST the this and the that and then we can all carry on as before. But as we know, it’s NEVER NOT EVER “JUST” about the thing.  ALL the measures “because of the virus” were sold that way but aren’t, and the vaccine is sold that way but it’s not, and for absolutely certain the mandates are NOT JUST to get  things “going again” and that’s why this is so crucial. We are ALL TOO AWARE of how the power grabs work, about how totalitarianism works, about how every step is cloaked in something delicious and “good” to make it palatable if not downright WONDERFUL, but conceals poison and destruction. If they’re this comfortable mandating children (who are at NEGLIGIBLE RISK of the virus) taking an EXPERIMENTAL drug with NO knowledge whatsoever about long-term effects, then what won’t they be comfortable with? And if they want vaxx passports, what OTHER kinds of things might go on such a passport? and  this becomes a perfect vehicle for social credit scores etc.  As I’ve been asking: “WHEN WILL IT STOP?” The slippery slope starts RIGHT HERE.  Actually, it started (in this context) with contact tracing but we seem to have essentially shut that down, so this is their next attempt.

My 2 cents:

The public generally has been very successfully brainwashed about the lethality of the virus, the efficacy of masks, the importance of government’s having a heavy but fatherly hand in keeping us all safe, the wonderfulness of the vaccines (that Papa Joe Biden had to create from scratch because Trump just wanted us all to die) and how getting vaccinated and ensuring “herd immunity” is the ONLY WAY BACK TO NORMAL.  In fact, so successful that I really don’t see Boards of Supervisors feeling a need to mandate them at all, but can predicate opening on vax numbers and continuing pressure to achieve herd immunity at whatever magic number they feel necessary.

Just note how store employees (for example; also train cafe car stewards, random passersby, etc)  had been empowered to badger people about masks even when there was no law etc etc.  This same apparatchik mentality will continue… until WE STOP IT.

I also am very concerned that, as slavery had been the divide between free and slave states, a divide so huge that a civil war was fought over the issue, THIS IS JUST as big an issue as slavery was at that time.  In ways too numerous to count, this IS the divide between FREE and CLOSED states, for lack of a better word )  
Those states like FL and TX and TN which have REJECTED mandates, some of them also prohibiting BUSINESS from discriminating based on vax status, are FREE – and others, which believe WE ARE INFANTS NEEDING TO BE taken care of by the government who knows what’s best for us, and wants to “protect” US rather than protect our freedoms (didn’t fauci dismiss civil rights as not as important as health?  )

So what this tells me is:
YES we need to be vigilant at the governance level, and ACTIVE and LOUD – that includes HUGE attendance at Board of Supervisor meetings, as they have been in OC, when this is on the agenda (So far, for example, in LA, it’s not, but we should be prepared)

YES we need to pay CLOSE attention to what the BoS and other government agencies do re requirements for opening, that is, putting the onus on businesses to be in “compliance” if they want to be open, i.e. economically viable

ALSO though, we should be monitoring businesses taking it upon themselves to “keep their employees and patrons safe” by mandating vaccines and applying pressure of various kinds

And more fun, finding businesses who REJECT vax mandates and support them as best we can – as we have with restaurants defying closures and mask mandates

And especially, we need to have effective campaigns to change public opinion about all this and stop the fear, the totalitarianism, the slippery slope of freedom theft, the turning to government to protect us from all risk, the very notion of extreme risk-aversion itself.

SO, These will be the areas we’ll be starting to work in
Public sector: Attending government meetings, letter-writing, tweeting etc

Private sector: Monitoring businesses and compiling a list of those to agitate against, and those to promote and support

We will also keep a list of who all is in this fight – the alliance, as it were, and try to stay up-to-date with the status of all this on our website, and support/spread the word of the work those like Peggy are doing.

There are also a number of “Bills of Rights” on this issue – like this from the Frontline Doctors: Vaccine Bill of Rights ( – we can provide links to those and/or come up with our own, but honestly, no sense in re-inventing wheels

Two aspects worth looking into:  herd immunity “science” and looking into how to craft exemptions.  

Anti-Brainwashing campaigns and revealing the nature of the propaganda

And we need to hear: WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?

We’ll be meeting online on Mondays at 5PM Via zoom.
Click here to be on this taskforce and to get the link to the meetings.



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