In Anti-Mandate Task Force

Some of these are ours, some are those we’re passing along.

From Millions Against Vaccine Mandates – About choosing to NOT take these experimental vaccines.  Again, we are NOT taking a stand regarding the vaccines but against any forced medication.  But information here can help support ones argument against a mandate.

 The flyer is here, and there are many others at the website.


The Citizens for Free Speech organization has a real trove of information, and their flyers are here:
Dr. Blaylock Informed Consent Brochures – CFFS Store (




Stand by for ours.





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  • Char m

    Keep fighting! Biden and his minions want “equality” from all companies too. He wants companies to hire based on race and vaccine status. I want my Pilots to be qualified to fly me! And CONGRESS IS NOT REQUIRED TO BE VACCINATED! Let’s get some “bottom of the class” Pilots and control tower workers to fly pelosi and shumer. 9 months is too much Biden! We’ve lost our freedom! Keep fighting for yours!

  • Lynn Mantel

    Thankyou for acting like TRUE AMERICANS! WE’RE PROUD OF YOU.
    Is there anywhere to make a donation?

  • Matthew Motiuk

    I admire and support y’all for standing up for our freedoms and not just be another sheep by making another pharmaceutical billionaire out of this authoritarian regime. I salute all of you and truly pray that you stand your ground. Thank you ??

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