Curtis Ellis: How to Hold China Accountable: Build Our Own Stuff

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From Curtis Ellis, America First Policies Senior Policy Analyst, and published by American Greatness: 

How to Hold China Accountable: Build Our Own Stuff

Saying “we need to collaborate with China” sounds a lot like, “let’s keep on kissing Xi’s ass.”

“It’s starting to happen.”

That’s what Brad Parscale said around 8 p.m. to the family and inner circle on the 14th floor of Trump Tower on November 8, 2016, as we were watching election returns trickle in from North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Parscale’s words came back to me with the news this week the Trump Administration awarded a $354 million contract to a private company to manufacture generic medicines and pharmaceutical ingredients in Richmond, Virginia.

It’s starting to happen—global supply chains are coming back to America.

The company, Phlow Corporation, will be making drugs used to treat COVID-19. They will be stored in a strategic stockpile of pharmaceutical ingredients to be used in the event of drug shortages or an emergency….

Also from the article:

An overwhelming 86 percent of respondents [to a Bloomberg poll] said the United States relies too heavily on foreign supply chains. In addition, the poll found:

  • 40 percent said they won’t buy products from China.
  • 55 percent don’t think China can be trusted to follow through on its trade-deal commitments signed in January to buy more U.S. products.
  • 66 percent favor raising import restrictions over the pursuit of free-trade deals as a better way to boost the U.S. economy.
  • 78 percent would be willing to pay more for products if the company that made them moved manufacturing out of China.

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Curtis was  also was our INSIDE LOOK guest this past Monday.  Click here for the video.

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