[Forbes] Why You Should Care That The U.S. Government Has Targeted Catherine Engelbrecht And Her Organizations

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Imagine being harassed by the FBI, then having your business and personal taxes audited by the IRS, then having OSHA come down on you, then BATF – Imagine the weight of these four powerful government agencies being brought to bear to destroy you and your livelihood. 

Well, this is exactly what happened to  Catherine Engelbrecht, one of AFA’s 2018 Heroes of Conscience honoree.  Her having been targeted in this way because of her non-partisan efforts to ensure voter integrity for all voters was an abuse of government agencies the likes of which we seldom see, and reveals the extent to which the Left is eager to use government as a weapon against American citizens in order to advance its agenda.

You can read about Catherine’s persecution in this Forbes article, which makes the point that each and every one of us is a potential target of the Left’s efforts, and her situation only reveals the need for us to stand up against this kind of abuse of power.  And her exceptional courage, strength, eloquence and integrity in the face of this onslaught are the reasons we are proud to be honoring her on June 28th.

From the article:

First, there is an implausible coincidence that several different agencies of the federal government, the IRS, FBI, BATF and OSHA, would pursue first-time investigations into your public service organizations, business operations and personal tax filings soon after you applied for tax-exempt status. It certainly has the appearance of being singled-out for a connected, if not coordinated, action. If this is true, it suggests that IRS actively collaborates with other government entities in political targeting practices.

Second, the time and cost burdens imposed by responses to excessive and inappropriate IRS questions should be regarded as inexcusable. Add to this the resulting penalties upon fund-raising activities necessary to support charter functions caused by intentional and ongoing registration delays.

Third, it is totally unacceptable to witness individuals and organizations that are exercising legal rights and patriotic responsibilities investigated by our government for doing so. It is chilling to learn that agents of the all-powerful IRS are assaulting citizens and organizations on the basis of political administrative agendas.

And her response:

We believe that our republic flourishes when citizens are confident their votes are secure and undiluted by those who would devalue their choices by cheating. These practices constitute the theft of basic rights.  Election fraud undermines our belief that elected leaders govern with our consent. Every American – regardless of race, creed or political inclination – has an interest in ensuring our elections are both free and fair. That is why we are proceeding with our current course of action. We hope others will join with us.

Read the entire article here.

And we hope you join us in celebrating this remarkable woman.

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