Our 2018 Heroes of Conscience Awards Dinner

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Last Thursday, nearly 200 people joined us at AFA’s  12th Annual Heroes of Conscience Awards Dinner.

Truly, these dinners are one of Los Angeles’s premier events.  It is amazingly moving and inspiring to be in a  room full of passionate, concerned people, coming together to show our admiration of and appreciation for Heroes such as Trevor Loudon, Catherine Engelbrecht and James Damore.  And to have Heather Mac Donald as our Keynote speaker – truly, the perfect capstone to the event – just added to the excellence of the event.



You can read about it here and here.  

A few highlight of the event:


Trevor Loudon, American Freedom Award Honoree

Trevor Loudon, American Freedom Award Recipient

Watch the Tribute Video explaining why we chose Trevor Loudon as the recipient of this award:




AFA Fellow Ann-Marie Murrell presenting the Heroes of Conscience Award to Catherine Engelbrecht


Catherine Engelbrecht, 2018 Heroes of Conscience Award Recipient


Catherine’s story is a horrific one – watch her tribute video here:



Dr. Karen Siegemund,
President of the American Freedom Alliance



The video describing James Damore’s story couldn’t be uploaded to YouTube until all text references to him were removed.  Yes, the “disappearing” continues.  So we hope you watch and share this video widely as long as they keep it on the site.  Truly, this story is appalling, and this kind of thing is continuing.  



James Damore, 2018 Hero of Conscience Award Honoree

James Damore, 2018 Hero of Conscience Award Honoree


Awardees James Damore, Catherine engelbrecht, Trevor Loudon

Awardees James Damore, Catherine Engelbrecht, Trevor Loudon


Watch Heather Mac Donald’s Keynote Address here:



The full picture gallery is here.

If you were there, thank you for being part of the celebrating of these true Heroes.  And if you missed it, we hope you join us next time!




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James Damore, 2018 Hero of Conscience Award Honoree