Force Multiplier Academy: Bannon’s WarRoom event in Las Vegas

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Steve Bannon’s War Room “podcast” is arguably the single most important news and analysis program that exists right now. The very fact that the Brookings Institute has heralded him as the number one purveyor of Fake News (New York Times headline: “Steve Bannon’s Podcast is Top Misinformation Spreader, Study Says”) is at the very least a pretty good indicator that he’s on top of every issue that they want concealed, obfuscated, twisted and warped. And of course, he keynoted two of our conferences, once in person and once remotely, and also keynoted our World War Xi breakout session at CPAC. I’ve also been fortunate to be a guest on his show a number of times, and his support of AFA has been something we value.

At CPAC, Steve and his WarRoom team tried something different. For 4 hours on the day before CPAC began, they held their “Force Multiplier Academy,” a live and live-streamed event to which about 500 people showed up with excitement and eagerness – and that’s putting it mildly. And for those 4 hours, Steve MC’d and had conversations with a long list of speakers on various topics, each of whom was engaged in some way in the fight to “save the Republic.” Speakers included filmmakers, authors, activists of all kinds. Frank Gaffney, Brian Kennedy, Joe Allen and Bradley Thayer, who all have spoken at AFA conferences, were speakers at the event. It was a fast-moving, motivating and energizing afternoon.

And now they’re taking it on the road.

Last Wednesday, 17 May, they staged the Force Multiplier Academy event at the Ahern Hotel in Las Vegas, and I decided to head over to check it out. The 38 minute flight was well worth it as it was even more energizing and motivating than before, in large part because there was an additional focus on how to ensure a “red” turnout in Nevada in November. Speakers included the head of the Nevada GOP, the Trump campaign coordinator for Nevada, a TurningPoint Action representative to talk about Ballot Chasing and to connect people with their App for outreach and organizing, and many others. We also were shown the preview for the new WarRoom movie, Government Gangsters, the film of Kash Patel’s book by the same name.


In addition to the wide range of speakers, for the final two hours we were the “live studio audience” of the WarRoom broadcast, much of which was dedicated to the various lawsuits regarding election integrity, machine “irregularities” and a real wealth of data from forensic investigations of voting data.

The main point of the day was this: We are on the brink of losing this nation, but with enough people dedicated to preserving it, we can prevail. And the purpose of the day was to motivate, train, and “force multiply” the information and training received.

They are planning on taking this to cities across the country, including to Southern California. Stay tuned for more information, or listen to WarRoom on all the various platforms they broadcast on: Real America’s Voice, Rumble, Gettr and others.

So yes: there is ACTION. And it was heartening and encouraging that there was so much energy and eagerness, and focus.

And if you have the opportunity to get to one of these, I recommend you do so. 

And if you’re interested in coming to the one in Los Angeles, let me know!

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