FYI: MoveOn’s Fact-Deprived, Emotion-Driven Call to Action against the NRA

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I just received this email from Alyssa Milano – remember her, from “Who’s the Boss” and “Charmed”?   – imploring me to support’s attack against the NRA.  (Yes, I subscribe to their emails, under the name of Katya – seems appropriate for a Communist organization).

Note one fallacy after another, and the emotional plea.  This one is particularly dramatic:  “the NRA’s time signing checks with our blood to buy politicians and win elections is up. We’re coming for the NRA. And, together, we’re going to end the epidemic of gun violence in America.”

Gun confiscation is their goal, and the rationale is, “it’s for the children.”  And it’s pleas like this one, that so clearly reveal the exploitation of the Parkland tragedy to advance their agenda, that was our rationale for holding our  “School Shootings”  conference on May 20th .

Join us and hear the nation’s number one expert on all gun-related statistics, John Lott.  Join us and be part of the REAL solution.



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