Open Letter to the SPLC Guy who Attends Our Conferences

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Yet again, an anonymous representative from the hate group SPLC (won’t even bother with their non-acronym name – none of the actual words apply to their mission) came to our conference on the “state of the state” of California.
Their little hit piece is here.

Here is my open letter to the SPLC  which they for some reason didn’t allow to be published in the comments of the article.

To the “hatewatch” author:

What stuns me is how you can sit and listen to us, all day long,  and then write the utter lies that you do.   If I didn’t see myself quoted I’d think we were at two different events but the reality is, you chose, as does the media generally, to lie to advance your hate-filled agenda.  And who suffers because of your lies?  All of us.

From the headline to your mischaracterization of Victor Davis Hanson, you lied, lied and lied.

Just for the record:

We had 20 speakers, not counting our keynote, the brilliant Victor Davis Hanson.  Each one of them has devoted a good deal of time, energy and passion to working hard to understand, document, explore and explain the “state” of this great state of ours.  They do this out of love and concern, so that your children and mine can live in prosperity and freedom and have the successes that prior generations could. Race was only mentioned to highlight the out-of-control racism of the Left.  Each speaker doesn’t give a fig about where people come from, only that they abide by our laws.  Your title, that we blame the destruction of California on immigrants, is so preposterous and breathtakingly dishonest I can’t decide what part of morality you’re missing to have made such a claim.  We blamed the decline of the state on a lot of things  but immigration is most certainly not one of them.  Most in that room WERE immigrants, or children of them.  Each of us appreciates the rich tapestry that immigrants have brought to our culture – this marvelous and unique nation is the melting pot and are the stronger for it.  Not one person blamed immigrants.  But we’re either a nation of laws, or we’re not, and I think we all prefer that we are.

And here’s the thing.  Each of these 20 speakers, plus Victor Davis Hanson –whose talk you utterly distorted – plus myself and our moderators, speaks up in love and support of this country and this state.  Not one word of hate was spoken, and we each shared our concerns for the future and for our children’s future.  And we spoke up, even KNOWING we were on your hateful hate list, but we have the courage to speak up and speak out about what we are passionate about.

But you?  You come to our conferences, you dine with us, you share coffee and pastries with us.  You sit and mingle and feel our fellowship.  You might even say the pledge of allegiance with us – or not.  But you can’t help but feel the community and fellowship in the room.  And you see our courage, our insistence on the truth.

And you are there, frankly, a coward, and slink home and write your anonymous hate-piece about a group that aims for nothing but to restore this state to what it could and should be, without hate, without racism, without the rancor that imbues your little smear piece.
If we’re a “hate group” because we stand against the violent, misogynistic, anti-homosexual, anti-freedom practices of Islam (not Muslims, mind you, but of the tenets of Islam, another of your lies) then so be it – but it seems to me that it’s those who support that kind of violence, fascism and oppression that are the haters.

And if we’re a hate group because we stand for empowerment here in California and against those who take our freedoms in the name of whatever Leftist concoction, then so be it.  But it seems to me that it’s those who support the seizure of our freedoms who are the haters.

So SPLC “hate watch”  I challenge you to come to an event and make yourself known.  And let’s talk.  Or even better – you know how to reach me.  You’re in LA.  Let’s meet for a beverage of your choice and share our opinions on crucial issues such as these.  Let’s sit down and be honest with each other, and talk like humans used to.

Yours truly etc etc.


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