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AFA’s War on Women conference, held March 10th in Santa Monica, was a real tour de force.

We were aware that some felt that the topic might not be as deeply intellectual as our usual events, that it might just be fluff and nonsense, or – worse! – that we would be advocating for “feminism” in the face of the evil “patriarchy.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Fluff?  Hardly!  Feminism?  It was torn apart as the Marxist line of effort that it is: exploitative and destructive.

The morning’s line-up was just an extraordinary in how each speaker led into and was reinforced by the next, but from entirely different angles. Truly, it was a thing of beauty.

Kimberly Fletcher

Kimberly Fletcher

Kimberly Fletcher, founder and CEO of Moms for America, gave a deep and extremely well-informed expose of what the War on Moms looks like and why it’s waged, referencing the Marxist/communist roots of the war against women and mothers – far more historically-based than I had expected and just completely marvelous. Plus, her organization does such great work standing up against the erosion of parental rights!

Steve Coughlin

Stephen Coughlin

She was followed by Steve Coughlin whose description of feminism as a Marxist line of effort was just brilliant, He referenced not only Hegel, Plato, Horkheimer as he does, but also the Marquis de Sade and how Juliette is the archetype role-model of women as far as the Left is concerned.  Steve has spoken frequently at AFA events and in the words of several attendees, he was “on fire!” this time!


Xi van Fleet

Xi van Fleet

After Steve came Xi van Fleet, talking about Mao’s exploitation and abuse of women, as well as how it was, in China as here, the WOMEN who can be the worst of the abusers and exploiters in the name of The Revolution.


These three packed such a punch in revealing how and why women are undermined in the NAME OF FEMINISM, and the consequences are dire.


Full House















Nonie Darwish


After a marvelous lunch  – THANK YOU, Hilton! – the inimitable Nonie Darwish continued the topic of the abuse of women in pursuit of an agenda, but in this case by Islam, whose values and efforts are eerily akin to the Left here.  What a terrific speaker she is, and she really wrapped up the topic beautifully!

Jayne Zirkle

From there we pivoted to an outstanding talk by Jayne Zirkle who spoke of the attack on femininity and how we need to stand up to it, and how we also need to stand strong to reinforce the notion that MEN AND WOMEN are different – what a concept! Stand by for more about her upcoming book, Femininity is Your Superpower! We expect it will be terrific.

Then the day, which nobody thought could really get better, just shot into the stratosphere. Riley Gaines’ keynote talk was a masterpiece in ways that are impossible to describe. We were in the presence, it seemed to me, of something great, of something truly transcendent.  If you think you

Riley Gaines

know her story, that’s all great. It’s a remarkable story.  And if you thought that she was an intellectual lightweight but with a great story, you’d be laughably wrong. She’s a titan. A titan, a hero, whose intellect, kindness, courage and faith are just mind-blowing.

It was an extraordinary event, and I can say this because it wasn’t me who did this. This was put in place by something way bigger than us, and I’m still basking in it, so grateful to have been a part of it.




Videos are going up on our YouTube and Rumble channels.

Bottom line though:

Moms are by nature protectors of their children – so you undermine motherhood and that leaves women and children vulnerable to various kinds of undermining and weakening.

Family is a bulwark against tyranny – the best one, in fact – so you undermine family to weaken the fabric of society that helps protect individuals from tyranny.  And one way you do that is by undermining women and femininity, and this is ever so easily done under the guise of what was called “women’s liberation” but that really is enslavement, and feminism which destroys women as well as men, thereby the fabric of society.

Marxism in its various guises – Maoism, Wokeism, Stalinism, Communism – all takes aim squarely at women, and exploits them for their anti-freedom agenda.  Islam follows the same pattern, with the same tactics, for the same purposes.  

Women are the targets, but are also the facilitators of this.  Xi van Fleet noted especially how Mrs. Mao demonstrated the destruction of women and femininity.

The “trans” agenda has been a recent and ridiculously potent weapon against women, as Riley Gaines described.  But it ONLY has been able to gain traction with the complicity of the “adults” in the arena. The cowardice of those to whom care of girls and women athletes has been entrusted is shocking; their complicity and embracing of the lunacy of men competing against women, and no longer being advocates of women, is even more shocking.  

To fight back, we need to stand strong on these issues:

1) VIVE LA DIFFERENCE!  yes, men and women are different! Embrace it! 

2) Moms need to stand strong as advocates for their children and not be used as pawns – and not let their children be exploited for this agenda, either.

3) By re-embracing femininity and trying to return to some semblance of traditional roles, we may be able to claw some of this back – in particular, a focus on empowering men to be men can be extraordinarily useful in countering this gender chaos.

4) Stand up against the “trans” agenda.  Whatever issues people have, that’s of course something we can be compassionate about. But insisting that we treat men as women, or boys as girls, is absurd, and contributes to the death of discernment, of free speech, of supporting truth and science.  

Be strong, speak the truth, do not be deterred, and have courage!

And stay tuned for our next conference, THE WAR ON CHILDREN coming up April 7th!



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