UCLA Professors Lose Minds over Election, Insist on Protecting its Infantilizing Echo Chamber

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Dr. James Enstrom, 2015 recipient of AFA’s Heroes of Conscience award, current member of AFA’s Board of Directors, president of the Scientific Integrity Institute, and retired UCLA professor,  has been fighting against the Left-wing extremist indoctrination at UCLA for years.  As part of this battle, he sent the following email to Dr. Mark Q. Sawyer (msawyer@polisci.ucla.edu ),  Professor and Director of the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity and Politics , and Dr. Jeffrey B. Lewis (jblewis@polisci.ucla.edu), Professor and Chair of UCLA Department of Political Science on November 25th.


Dear Professors Sawyer and Lewis,

I am writing because the three Daily Caller articles cited below by Reporter Alex Pfeiffer describe the negative reaction of UCLA Political Science Professors to President-elect Donald J. Trump.  In order to better understand this negative reaction to the election results on November 8, I request a meeting with you to discuss my attached evidence that the UC and UCLA faculty is dominated by liberal activists.  In particular, I want to discuss the May 20, 2012 Los Angeles Times Op-Ed by UCSC Professor John M. Ellis and CSU Professor Charles L. Geshekter “UC problem: When academics are advocates–University of California campuses are tilting to the left as radical activism overtakes scholarly knowledge.”  I strongly believe that a public university like UCLA, which is largely funded by California and United States taxpayers, should not engage in liberal activism and should reflect the political and academic diversity that exists in California and the United States.  I would like to propose ways in which the political and academic diversity of the UCLA faculty can be improved.

Thank you very much for your prompt consideration of my request.

Sincerely yours,

James E. Enstrom, Ph.D., M.P.H.
UCLA and Scientific Integrity Institute

cc:  Alex Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@dailycaller.com>


These are the attached  Daily Caller Articles by Reporter Alex Pfeiffer


EXCLUSIVE: UCLA Professor Has Had An Especially Tough Time Dealing With Trump’s Victory


EXCLUSIVE: UCLA Professors Freak Out Over Trump In Department-Wide Emails


EXCLUSIVE: UCLA Poli Sci Department Calls For Emergency Meeting In Wake Of Trump Victory

This excerpt from the last article is particularly ridiculous (emphases mine):

It is clear that the unexpected election of Donald Trump and events that have occurred since have left many in our community and particularly many of our undergraduate students deeply anxious, fearful, and despondent,” UCLA political science department chair Jeff Lewis wrote in an email Sunday. He added that there have been [utterly unsubstantiated] reports about physical and verbal assaults on minorities, immigrants, Muslims, and members of gay community following Trump’s victory.

“Others less directly imperiled are nevertheless expressing deep anxiety about the resulting uncertainty and overall post-election climate of divisiveness, hostility and recrimination — and what all of this may mean more generally about the country and the future. And, of course, others still may feel relatively removed and are simply wondering what is happening. Particularly as political scientists, our students will look to us for guidance, understanding, and reassurance…”

Why are these university students deeply anxious, fearful, despondent?  Why do they feel imperiled?  Where did the idea that this election would usher in a climate of divisiveness, hostility and recrimination?  From the very universities that are now creating these safe spaces, that feel called upon to provide reassurance!  And of course, from the truly “fake media” that did and continue to do all it can to foment hate, fear, anxiety and despondency, and of course, to create a sense of victimhood, their most potent weapon in their pursuit of infantilizing the American population.  The echo chamber of leftist hate has kicked into overdrive in their panic that the next administration might empower rather than infantilize, might strengthen instead of weaken, might return to law and order instead of celebrating thuggery and deceit, and might lay to waste their carefully crafted systemic destruction of rational and informed thought.  That they are university students adds another layer of absurdity to this.

Continuing the article:

The UCLA professor is calling for “an emergency meeting of all faculty and graduate students” Monday morning. Lewis wrote, “At this meeting, we will come together to discuss and inventory the fears and circumstances that students are facing and the resources available to help those in crisis. We will also discuss how best to constructively respond to students’ questions and concerns and develop some talking points that might, in some cases, be useful in providing reassurance.”

It is this conversation which Dr. Enstrom has offered to join.

But he received a response from Prof.  Lewis:


Imagine that.
Please take a moment to email Professors Lewis ( jblewis@polisci.ucla.edu ) and Sawyer (msawyer@polisci.ucla.edu ) and let them know your thoughts.


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