Let Freedom Ring This Tuesday

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This past election season I’ve discovered something about myself:  I’m a single issue voter.

For me, that issue is freedom.

It’s really that simple.

Freedom is a fundamental tenet and principle of this nation – it’s the cornerstone, it’s the sine qua non of all that we are.  And it underlies, one way or another, all that gives Western Civilization that set of characteristics and values that contribute to its benefitting the most people in the most ways, ever.

From the Statue of Liberty to our Constitution to the unprecedented array of choices and opportunities we have, freedom is, to use the parlance of the day, “baked in” to our culture and our lives in ways we don’t even perceive.

Or, it was.

We’ve watched these freedoms erode, sometimes imperceptibly through ordinances or regulations that are invisible to us until we’re right up against them; other times, in ways that are breathtakingly blatant, as in the trampling of our rights of religious freedom or the silencing of divergent voices on our college campuses.

And more encroachments are imminent.  One of the recurring themes of our August conference on Islam turned out to be how free speech, in the name of political correctness and a faux “protection” of diversity, has been deemed as hate speech and therefore has been criminalized in many nations in Europe.  It is clear that we are heading down that same path.

Tyrannies can only survive when all other voices and opinions are silenced.  It’s the nature of tyranny.  Because tyranny, let’s not forget, is the opposite of a free society.  Freedom and tyranny are inimical to each other and where one expands, the other can only recede.

The American Freedom Alliance is non-partisan.  But we come down, as do I, squarely on the side of freedom, and against tyranny.

This makes my decision about the election very simple.

Whatever I think about the candidates, this I know:  one of them will do, has already done, everything possible to erode our freedoms.  Increased government power  control over ever-increasing aspects of our lives are part of greater encroachment on our freedoms.    The ceding of national sovereignty to global governance, the shoving down our throats of a wide array of laws and regulations falsely justified by the Big Lie of Anthropomorphic Climate Change, the erosion of our first, second and tenth amendments among others, the embracing of the lawless while disparaging our law enforcement, and the list goes on and on, and that’s only regarding a handful of domestic issues – each of these is designed to destroy that one issue that matters, freedom.

We also know, from Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film Hillary’s America and Trevor Loudon’s The Enemies Within the potential for increased influence in our government of those committed to our destruction.

And we can’t disregard the thread that ran throughout our conference:  to support Islam over Freedom is to always, both domestically and internationally, to side with evil, tyranny and slaughter rather than self-determination, prosperity, and our Constitutionally-protected rights.  I side with the candidate who promotes self-determination, prosperity and the Constitution as these are rooted in, and contribute to, Freedom.  The replacement of secular governments with those tied to the Muslim Brotherhood helped  usher in the horrors of Syria, the slaughter in Libya generally and Benghazi specifically, and turmoil throughout the region – all antithetical to Freedom.  And there’s no question that our policies and withdrawal from Iraq helped empower ISIS and contributed to the explosive growth of this cancer that’s destroying the region.

I could go on and on.  My guess it’s nothing you don’t already know.  But my point is this:  When the focus is freedom, when that’s the lens through which I look at the world and at an election specifically, the answer is clear:  I side with the candidate who advocates for Freedom over the one whose every move, word, decision is motivated by its erosion.

Siding with Freedom means there’s no need to defend specifics of a candidate.   I side with Freedom so I’ll vote for the one who advocates for it, and against the one who sides with tyranny, corruption, and everything that is counter to the values I hold dear.

And to those who refuse to choose between the “lesser of two evils,” (a phrase that I find facile and overused) I say that when we don’t choose the lesser, we most likely will wind up with the greater.

Freedom.  My single issue.  That’s it.

Let Freedom ring this Tuesday.



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