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Well, it does appear as if the LA Board of Supervisors will be discussing issues related to mandates, passports, and segregating according to vax status.

I spent some time talking with my “contact” at Sheila Kuehl’s office who divulged all this to me.  Not that he KNOWS anything specific but that’s what he’s hears.
Segregation was his word, by the way.
I pointed out that, according to a PATCH article- hardly a bastion of controversy, CA is at 0.8% positivity rate, the LOWEST in the nation, so why would we be the only ones to segregate?
No answer
They will also be discussing mask mandates but as I’d said before, they plan to follow Newsom’s relaxing of mask regs.
I then brought up the continued State of Emergency and will the county take a stand against Newsom continuing it? Cited stats and so on.
His take:  it will be a month or 2 before everything is lifted and we can go back to pre-covid unregulated life.
And as I noted, all of this seems hand in hand with CAL/OSHA – more on that later.
TOMORROW is the day to SPEAK.

Info about the meeting:

To WATCH it only:  Live Broadcast (
To listen only by telephone please call (877) 873-8017 and enter the access code when prompted: Access Code for English: 111111 
To address the Board during the live virtual meeting please call (877) 226-8163 and enter Participant Code: 1336503 starting at 9:00 a.m. Please listen carefully to the prompts for instructions on providing live testimony to the Board. 
 Written public comments may be submitted through our website at: , which will become part of the official record.
My suggestion: have a 2 minute VERY PITHY comment ready  -write it out, practice it. Or craft a very succinct email.
We can work on these this evening.
I will send out a more succinct email to YOU so you can share it.
We really do need all hands on deck.


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