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There are numerous people involved in the legal aspects of a mandate.

Pacific Justice Institute

     And the link to their most recent mandate-related zoom meeting is here 

Peggy Hall’s The Healthy American has a lot of information related to the legal side of many of the current issues.  



Other articles related to lawsuits

Utah Law blocks government colleges from requiring C19 vaccine

Lawsuit in Texas over hospital mandating vaccines

More on the Texas lawsuit

Includes Texas suit, LAUSD and others

UPDATE on the Texas lawsuit: Houston Methodist Hospital suspends 178 employees over COVID-19 vaccine requirement – ABC13 Houston

Letter from Children’s Health Defense org to CA Boards of Supervisors re illegal mandates

Be VERY cautious about what OSHA does.  This was today, June 11, and they are the agency impeding the complete opening of California but then seem to have reversed themselves a second time

Yes, USA today but some interesting things.  Fact check: Employers can require workers get the COVID-19 vaccine ( All this means is that it’s not obvious that an employer can or can’t require you to be vaccinated.  As with much of this, it comes down to interpretation.  If everyone but you is vaccinated, it’s not clear what health danger you are to the vaccinated.  Lots of room for a great lawsuit here.

That the EEOC is the arbiter of the law is further evidence of how far we’ve come from the Constitution. Employers Can Require COVID-19 Vaccination, EEOC Says (

From SHRM, Society for Human Resource Management, this: Can Employers Mandate a Vaccine Authorized for Emergency Use? (  

From what I learned from Pacific Justice Institute, an employer can NOT make you get a vaccine but the consequences of your refusing to get one can, legally, be that you don’t get to keep your job. I.e., you have a right to say no, but you don’t have a right to keep that job.  We’ll see how it plays out.


Here Are All The American Organizations Mandating Vaccinations Or Adopting Vaccine Passports (

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