Legislative Updates regarding Vaccine Mandates

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So far there is not much in the way of legislation regarding vaccine mandates.  

That is, so far any requirement to be vaccinated has not been from any new legislation, but in fact from pressures applied by agencies such as OSHA that tie business openings to vaccine status.

Other “requirements” seem to come from those who refuse contact with unvaccinated family members or friends, for example (vaccinated) parents refusing their own (unvaccinated) parents access to the grandchildren, or bridge clubs refusing to permit unvaccinated members to play.  The fear behind these irrational and cruel acts is one of the key elements of the whole nightmare that we must address.  

The good news is, several governors have signed executive orders or other kinds of legislation prohibiting discriminating against people based on their vaccine status.

These States Are Banning COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements | Best States | US News

From the article: 
 ArkansasMontana and South Carolina are the latest states to advance legislation or enact laws that ban certain requirements – such as vaccine passports or conditions of employment – based on inoculation status.


Governors in six states – ArizonaFloridaIdaho, Montana, Texas and South Dakota – “have issued executive orders prohibiting vaccine passports/requirements in some regard,” according to James Nash, press secretary for the National Governors Association.

Texas and Montana are, however, the only two that prohibit discrimination by both government and businesses based on vaccine status.  The Texas Executive Order is here, and the Montana one is here.

As legislation is enacted, one way or another, we will update this page.


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