Task Force Update June 24th

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A follow-up from last Monday’s meeting, with some comments and links and action items.
The target keeps shifting – any mandate is being imposed by sleight of hand, segregating us into vaxxed and unvaxxed and only conferring first-class citizenship on the vaxxed, devolving the responsibility to ensure/track vax status to employers – and family, friends, whoever has been so-successfully indoctrinated.
Because let’s be clear: while nobody is “mandating” anything we are still supremely constrained. We know this: you don’t want to wear a mask and if you “care” about your fellow employees/friends/colleagues/family, then obviously get vaxxed!  It’s just so much simpler, really, for all of us.  Plus, these new variants (which will never end) …  just get jabbed, for your health and your loved ones and just stop being such a problem.
The pressure is real and the more we open up, the worse it seems to get. 
Note: as always, there’s a lot of info in the email – take what interests you, leave the rest, but each of the articles provides something you can use to help push back against the anti-science, anti-fact, anti-freedom juggernaut we’re contending with.  Be outraged, but be empowered, too.  
The newest from Newsom:

Not a passport, no no. A passport would look like an app which shows your vax status to let you get into places where a vaccine is required. No, this is totally different,  It’s an app which shows your vax status to let you get into places where a vaccine is required.  Totally different, and for shame if you don’t see the difference.
Certainly some interesting ideas there.
Some other updates and relevant articles/actions:
From the Patch Monday evening:  Coronavirus Now ‘A Pandemic Of Unvaccinated People’ | Patch  I think they make it all pretty clear.
The more they try to segregate us, the more the pressure will be applied, and the easier, more convenient it will be to just comply.
Meanwhile:  The WHO Says Children Should Not Receive COVID-19 Vaccines — Precision Vaccinations  *UPDATE* – they just rescinded it: WHO: ‘Children Should Not Be Vaccinated for the Moment’ • Children’s Health Defense (childrenshealthdefense.org) .  FTA:
After this article was published on The Defender June 22, the World Health Organization (WHO) edited its latest guidance on who should get the COVID vaccine by removing the sentence: “Children should not be vaccinated for the moment,” and instead saying that a panel of experts had found the vaccine “suitable for use” by children over the age of 12.
This is from RFK Jr’s Children’s Health Defense regarding school mandates :  University Advocacy Letter (salsalabs.org)
Lee Zeldin is running for governor of New York in part on the issue of killing Cuomo’s Vax passport: this can be a winning issue and kudos to him for putting FREEDOM first!  Support Zeldin for New York! (winred.com)  (Thank you, Phyllis!)
Which, in short, means that the increased number of people suffering and dying as a result of the vaccines may be the one thing that could steer us clear from mandates.  
Not the Constitution, not privacy laws, not legal recourse, certainly not common sense, not science, as none of those seem to have any traction at the moment.  But people suffering as a result of the vaccines, including young people, may be what turn the tide.  That, and your and my speaking out.
More coming soon.  
And as always:
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