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The following email was sent by our great friend Dr. Mona to friends of hers.  It contains extremely important information and links, ad I hope you find it useful both for yourselves and to help disseminate truth, especially in the face of the extreme censorship imposed upon this area, squelching actually effective treatments to make way for the supreme pressures to vaccinate.  
Emergency Use Authorization, let alone expedited FDA approval, only can be justified in the face of no other treatments: the embedded Kory video makes clear: there are other treatments, have been, other countries have been using them to great effect, and it is nothing but a deliberate lie that they don’t work, a lie that has contributed to thousands upon thousands of deaths.

I hope you find the letter and links useful.



Dear Friends,

 I just finished watching an interview (long but very informative) with Pierre Kory M.D., a truly dedicated and knowledgeable critical care physician.  I thought it was so important that I wanted to make sure to share it with all our beloved friends.


 Dr. Kory has a long history of innovation in critical care, including a point-of-care (bedside) ultrasound protocol for ICU patients, where getting a quick diagnosis can be life-saving.  His medical credentials, to say the least, are extraordinary.

 He’s also one of the creators of the “Frontline Covid19 Critical Care Alliance” (FLCCC) that came up with a protocol for the treatment and prevention of Covid19.  This protocol includes ivermectin, a drug that has been in worldwide use since 1981 for parasitic diseases.  Its precursor, Avermectin, was discovered by Satoshi Omura, a Japanese biochemist, in a soil bacteria in one part of one particular golf course in Ito City, Japan.  It is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines for the treatment of a variety of parasitic diseases.  In 2015, Dr. Omura was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of Avermectin.

 Recently, through numerous studies, Ivermectin has been found to be a safe and extraordinarily effective anti-viral and anti-inflammatory drug.  What I found most important, though, is that Dr. Kory and his associates at FLCCC have come up with a protocol for many permutations of Covid19, including all stages of the acute illness, post-exposure prevention, and what’s called Long-Haul Covid Syndrome (LHCS), as well as any problems related to the vaccine either short-term or long-tern.

 Here is the link to the protocol in a pdf. format. The i-RECOVER protocol for Long-Haul Covid Syndrome and post-vaccine is on page 36.


 As many of you know, I’m a retired Emergency Medicine physician.  I spent lots of time studying and practicing protocols so I know a good protocol when I see one.  The whole pdf is written for lay-people to understand as well as for practitioners to use.  If you have the time to read it, it’s quite good, and explains so much of what people are suffering from, either after having had Covid or after having gotten the vaccine.  The mechanism causing symptoms of both is similar because it turns out that the spike protein is a toxin in and of itself.  These facts are coming out now, but luckily, the treatment with Ivermectin is excellent for both infection-induced and vaccine-induced symptoms.

 If you had either the infection or the vaccine and are suffering, I want to remind you that your body was meant to heal and be strengthened, no matter what the insult.  In this respect, we will all benefit from a sizable dose of good habits, which now should include taking daily vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc, Quercitin (a plant flavonoid), a multivitamin, and anything else that boosts your immunity and calms inflammation.

And if you want more information on the vaccines, this article in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research explains scientifically and very convincingly some of the weird side effects of the vaccines, including the possibility of spike protein shedding from vaccinated individuals to the non-vaccinated (including through breast milk):


 I hope all is well with you and that you continue to enjoy life.


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