Boycott Airbnb and Stop the Jew Hatred

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Airbnb’s acts of Jew hatred are an outrage and must be fought against.  

From Rabbi Dov Fischer (his website is here, and he’s also a frequent author at The American Spectator),whose message we feel is important to share with our readers.

You possibly have heard about the boycott of AirBnB in light of their decision to boycott Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria.  (Air BnB lists homes in several other countries that are truly occupied territory.  Their only BDS is against Israel.)

Rather than elaborating here, I include several links you may wish to read, including (i) immediate-past Israeli Ambassador and current MK Michael Oren’s call for the boycott, (ii) the “Delete AirBnb” song that Facebook took off its platform after it went viral, (iii) the vote by the Beverly Hills City Council to boycott AirBnb, and (iv) and one or two other items.

Rabbi Dov Fischer
Rav, Young Israel of Orange County

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