AFA’s 13th Heroes of Conscience Dinner – August 18, 2019

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American Freedom Alliance is proud to present

The Thirteenth Annual Heroes Of Conscience Awards.

Every year, we present our Heroes of Conscience Award to those whom we believe have done the most to defend western values and bring awareness to the threats faced by our civilization, and who have somehow, in some way, paid a price for it.  


This year, the dinner will take place at the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City on August 18th at 6 PM


As you no doubt heard, AFA’s president Karen Siegemund lost her day job as a teacher because of her conservatism; in particular,one reason cited was her praise of Western Civilization in a speech she gave at an AFA conference.

Dr. Karen Siegemund


This was the quotation that was specifically cited, a statement made at an AFA conference:

Each of us here, believes in the unparalleled force for good that is Western Civilization, that is OUR heritage, whether we were born here or not.

In a rational world, such a quote might have drawn praise from the school – a school, by the way, that adheres to the French curriculum, that is steeped in admiration for all things French.  But the world we’ve been living in is clearly not rational, and this statement, she was told, seemed to imply hostility, bigotry, and various kinds of discrimination despite there being no evidence of any of this.  And in this irrational world we’re living in, in a culture where no voice other than the Left’s must be shut out, Dr. Siegemund lost her job teaching mathematics.

You can read more about this here, including the link to her appearance on the Huckabee Show.

Because defense of Western Civilization is precisely what we do, and because of the price Dr. Siegemund just paid for it, and because she’s fighting back against the injustice of this, we are honoring her with the 2019 Heroes of Conscience Award.  Karen represents countless people across America who are being similarly discriminated against, deprived of their jobs because the Left’s intolerance of their political beliefs, and her fighting back is a fight for all of us.                                                                                                      

We are also proud and delighted to be presenting the American Freedom Award to William Becker, President and Chairman of Freedom X, a law firm dedicated to protecting conservative and religious expression.

Bill himself is a champion for religious freedom, and is especially aggressive in defending the rights of Christians and Christian causes. He is equally zealous in his free speech advocacy, and, in particular, the rights of conservative voices to be heard. His long-time association with the American Freedom Alliance includes his representing AFA in a victorious suit against the California Science Center in a case fighting against  “Intellecutal McCarthyism.” Bill’s passion and dedication to our rights and freedoms, and his defense of them in the face of relentless incursions, are deserving of this award.

This year, we’re presenting a  “Game Changer Award” to man who inpired it, Brandon Straka. 


His #Walkaway movement has taken the country’s political and cultural landscape by storm, and he and the movement have truly been “game changers.”


And we are honored to announce our Keynote Speaker for this event, Katie Hopkins. 


Katie is an English media personality, columnist, and businesswoman.  Most recently she produced the documentary Homelands, a lament of how we are losing our homelands, our rights to our own culture.  An unapolgetic advocate of freedom, sovereignty, Western Civilization and Israel, Katie has endured attacks and is a hero of conscience in her own right.  A brilliant and highly entertaining speaker, she is the perfect capstone to the evening.


Bill Whittle, renowned speaker, conservative political commentator and YouTuber will be the Master of Ceremonies of the dinner. He has spoken twice at AFA events and has made videos for PJ Media as the presenter of Afterburner and The Firewall among many of other shows.  


In addition to the dinner, there will be a patio reception at 5PM for VIP ticket holders and sponsors.

Sponsorship Opportunities available  – you can also voice your support for our honorees and/or AFA by purchasing ad or tribute space in our programme.  You can call or email for further information

                                                                       5:00 PM VIP Reception

                                                                    5:30 PM Registration begins

                                                          6:00 PM Dinner and Awards Program begins

                                                  Tickets:  $175                   ~                   VIP seating and reception:  $275
                                             Tables of 10:  $1,500             ~                  VIP tables of 10:  $2,500

                         We offer special discounts for students, military and law enforcement officers.


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