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Well, anti-mandate, pro-sanity, and PRO FREEDOM task force, here’s a GREAT opportunity to respond to some left-wing propaganda.

Ted Lieu happens to be my congressman and likely most of yours too.

I suggest you email him with your thoughts on this issue.
Feel free to include any articles (can be found on our website – I’ll be updating it today) as well as your general feelings about all this.

He’s also conveniently provided mailing addresses and phone numbers. I suggest we use those, too.

Do NOT be silent. They will get away with this as long as we let them. So it’s up to US to STOP them, and tell them NO.

Some new data: a quarter of COVID CASES in LOS ANGELES are vaccinated – the number is probably much higher. This is according to Dracula herself, Ferrer.
Fully vaccinated people make up quarter of new COVID-19 infections in Los Angeles County | Washington Examiner

The CDC has confessed that the VACCINATED are making one another AND the unvaccinated SICK. So not only are vaccines NOT WORKING as well as they said they would to prevent infection, but they ALSO are not stopping transmission! Vaccinated people can transmit COVID virus, says CDC (
and CDC says vaccinated people may transmit virus, recommends masks indoors; L.A. mandates vaccination or weekly tests: Latest COVID-19 updates (

There’s just a ton more: our young boys having permanent heart damage from a vaccine they’re forced to take to prevent a virus that for them has negligible threat or consequences; the literal lack of knowledge regarding short and long-term vaccine effects on fertility etc for those of or younger than child-bearing age, as well as a knowledge of spike proteins amassing in reproductive organs.

Pick your favorite. Speak out. And feel free to BCC me and we can share them among us.



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