“Do You Support the Constitution or Not?” Trevor Loudon at the AFA Conference

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Investigative journalist, author, public speaker and now filmmaker Trevor Loudon joined AFA’s “Islam in the Culture” panel at our August conference, “Islam and Western Civilization: Can they coexist?”  Sharia and our constitution are in direct conflict, and “if you advocate Sharia in any way, you’re against the ruling system in this country and you should not be allowed here,” just as we have traditionally refused those with ties to the Communism or any other group intending to subvert the constitution.

Loudon describes how terrorism, while obviously horrendous, isn’t the biggest long term problem.  Rather, the atrocity of terrorism leads to government retreat from taking a stand, followed by over-zealous embracing of muslim immigration and mores in efforts to show tolerance.  The subsequent influx of hundreds of thousands of immigrants committed to sharia and to destroying our way of life is the real, long-term danger.  In addition, when the voting demographics are so destabilized by such a massive invasion, government constituencies develop that are more sympathetic to Islam and Sharia than to our constitutionally-based system of laws and values.

The author of “The Enemies Within,” Loudon is particularly attuned to the extent to which our government is already infiltrated by those sympathetic to Islam and Sharia, and who already are working to undermine our rule of law.

Watch the video of his talk here:

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