Fighting Back Against the Left’s Suppression: AFA’s November Conference

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On November 5th the American Freedom Alliance hosted a conference, “Crushing Free Speech:  How the Left Silences Dissent and What We Can Do About It.”  The conference was hosted as part of our response to being included on the SPLC “Hate List” and the room was packed with people concerned about the various ways in which our free speech –  and by extension, our freedoms – are being curtailed.

The key is this:  If the media did its job, if our schools did theirs, if google, facebook and twitter were objective, if universitites had as open minds as they claim to have, if the Left generally were as “tolerant” as they crow about being, then this conference wouldn’t have been necessary.  But each of these speakers spoke of areas where our institutions, ones we rely on, are failing us.  Not only are our voices silenced, but the scope of suppression is increasing and the tactics are ranging from insidious to outright violent.

For all those reasons, we held this conference. And for the same reasons, we rely on YOU to help share these videos and ensure that the truth about the dangers from the Left’s tactics are known.  Knowledge is power – share the knowledge, share the power.

The following is the programme of the day.  Each speaker’s videos can be found at the links.  Please watch, share, spread the word.


11:00 am:  Welcome to the Conference
Dr. Karen Siegemund, President, American Freedom Alliance

 Trevor Loudon: Roots of Evil

Dr. Jamie Glazov: United in Hate

Howard Hyde: The Evolution of Berkeley’s “Free Speech” Movement

Keith Fink: The Smothering of Free Speech on Campus

Christine Brim: Unrestricted Warfare on Free Speech and How to Fight Back 

(See Christine Brim’s Recommended Reading List here)


 FILM SCREENING: Trevor Loudon’s “American Under Siege: Antifa”

 Joey Gibson: Intimidation Strategies Used by the “Tolerant” Left

Dr. Robert Epstein: The Power of Google’s Search Algorithms

Dr. Carol Swain: The SPLC’s Campaign to Silence Christian Conservatives

(See Dr. Swain’s action recommendations here)
Introduction by Bill Becker

Barak Lurie: PragerU Fights Back against YouTube

Mark Meuser: “By Any Means Necessary:” Legal Strategies Used to Silence Opposition

Frank Gaffney: Free Speech and How to Protect It

Evan Sayet:  Nationalism vs. Socialism

Keynote:     Sam Sorbo: Hollywood’s War on American Freedom: From Weinstein to Leftist Whiners and What to do About it.


Every aspect of the Left’s intimidation tactics was covered, and our speakers gave suggestions as to what we each can do to help maintain our voices and to fight back.

Let us know which aspect is most important to you, and which speaker made the greatest impression on you.



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