[Larry Sand] Charlottesville: Political payday for the American Federation of Teachers

 In AFA Allies, Uniting in Hate

Larry Sand
August 29, 2017

The teachers union sees the Nazi rally in VA as an opportunity to further its radical agenda.

The American Federation of Teachers is using the Nazi rally in Charlottesville on August 13th as an excuse to launch a massive propaganda campaign against Donald Trump, the right, the Republican Party and everyone else who does not comport with their far left weltanschauung. While the events in Virginia were indeed disturbing and Heather Heyer’s death certainly tragic, AFT’s response to it has been off the rails, launching the union into full indoctrination mode.

First, a vile press release unleashed last week spells out the union’s take on the doings in Charlottesville. What follows are three of the more odious segments from this hysterical statement. (My comments are in italics.)

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