Mandate Task Force Update May 31

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Notes from the meeting on May 31st, 2021

1) Zoom webinar last week with Pacific Justice Institute on exactly the topic of COVID 19 vaccines and the law. It was utterly fascinating and covered pretty much all the questions we all might have regarding our rights. There were a few main points:

  • HIPAA doesn’t protect us from being asked about our vaccine status. HIPAA restricts those with our health information from disclosing it to someone else without our consent.
  • We have a right to refuse to be vaccinated, but, on the whole, unless other considerations apply, refusing might bring consequences. This does include experimental ones such as these.
  • If there are laws or regulations or codes (as our CA Civil Code Section 51) on the books, until they’ve been tested in court it’s not always clear which way things will go. And many of these, including 51, have not been tested in these circumstances.
  • The question of whether religious schools could or couldn’t mandate vaccines in CA came up, and this led to a great phrase: It depends on the “risk appetite” of the school. To me, making that risk-appetite calculus come down on the side of freedom is part of our aim.
  • You can watch the video of the call here.

2) We had a really productive meeting tonight – summary coming shortly. But overall

  • Get started with your short video about why there shouldn’t be a mandate. More info was in the prior email. If you aren’t sure how to do it or how to post it, email meWe’ll be making a few more polished videos for an ad campaign. If you want to be part of that team let me know
  • We’ll be making t-shirts with a few specific designs. If you have ideas, email me.
  • A tagline that was suggested was Choose Freedom – thoughts?
  • I’ll be making the pledges for stores and candidates and will send them out for comments
  • We’ll be making a few different versions of flyers. Drafts will be sent around shortly

3) Some organizations to follow:

4) Some other things we can do:

5) There are a LOT of legal battles going on, and a lot of pressure against government mandates BUT the pressure continues to come from other quarters, and may re-emerge, which is why what we’re doing is SO important. So thank you for being part of this effort, ensuring that we STOP the slide down this slippery slope RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

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