Task Force Message 3: Activism Ideas

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May 30, 2021

Dear Anti-Mandate Task Force!

Some thoughts that have come up over the past week that we will be taking ACTION on tomorrow and beyond.
But first, this note.
Part of what we’re aiming to do is to mobilize ourselves to react in the event that locally, government entities of various kinds make moves in the direction of mandates.  So far, they’ve been active in Orange County but not really many other places in CA including LA; This website shows what’s going on in each state.  So for right now, showing up at a Board of Supervisors meeting etc isn’t what we’re calling for people to do…right now, the effort to STOP or PREVENT mandates looks a little different, as you can see in all the items below.
If the part of being on the Task Force that you like is being on call to attend a rally, go to a meeting either in person or zoom, that’s absolutely fantastic- there may be some of that coming up!  Also, if one of the things you’d like to do is be one of the watchdogs of various agencies, that’s fantastic, too – let me know if that’s a task you’d like to take on.
But take a look at the other things we have going on and see if it piques your interest!
On to the list:
1) Videos by regular people –  like you!
If you’re not familiar with Brandon Straka’s #Walkaway site and movement, what he did was create a page/space where people would post  their own stories about why they left the Dem. Party.  They’d either post videos or write something or both. What WE will be doing is making a page/space for people to post THEIR stories about why they are against the vax mandate.  Of course this can include concerns about the vax itself but many who have gotten the shot are still against the mandate, so there’s an opportunity for everyone!  Otter had the idea about the videos, inspired by the relentless propaganda by the left and by the story of someone whose vaxxed family didn’t want HER to be around them as she wasn’t vaccinated. They said it was to protect her…(The propaganda has been incredibly effective.)  
So the stories don’t have to be about government mandates, but pressure coming from EVERYWHERE to be vaccinated – your mah jong group, tennis partner, family, volunteer organization, whatever.  
In short, anyone can make a short video, as elaborate or simple as you want, and they can be on the FB page, twitter, signal, telegram, wherever we are.  What a great idea from Otter, and Judy’s story was just heartbreaking.
You can use your phone, or if you have an idea and want to run it by us tomorrow, EXCELLENT – we can do some filming right from the zoom if you like.
Key words we can use are things like: freedom, coercion, bullying, pressure, isolation, lonely, discrimination, choice, forced, as well as anything about the vax itself – experimental, etc etc.  We can focus on the language for a while tomorrow too.  
2) Ad Campaign
We ALSO will be making some commercial-like videos that we can talk about tomorrow – plus billboards, t-shirts, other things to express our preference for, and RIGHT to, freedom.  I’ll share an idea about 2 of them – bring your own ideas!  If this is something that interests you particularly, email me.
3) Pledges
We will be crafting PLEDGES for stores, businesses etc to sign that go something like this:  
I, the undersigned, of store/business, pledge that I will not discriminate against employees/customers/clients based on their medical condition in any way, that I will honor their right to refuse drugs if they choose, and that I will uphold Ca Civil Code 51 which reads 
All persons within the jurisdiction of this state are free and equal, and no matter what their sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, primary language, or immigration status are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, or services in all business establishments of every kind whatsoever.
So we’re not asking them to do anything other than uphold the law.  This obviously is only for CA but we can find similar codes elsewhere if needed.
Once we have the language worked out – the above is a quick draft – we can print them out and take them to stores, restaurants, wherever, ask owners etc to sign them, so we can have that conversation about FREEDOM.  And we can give them a certificate in return for signing it.  Through this, we’ll be creating our list of pro-freedom and anti-freedom businesses, those to BUYcott and those to BOYcott.  
In addition, these can be used for elected officials and candidates – more on that below.
If you have ideas about the language of the pledge, email me so that tomorrow we can work on finalizing it.
4)  Pledge for Gubernatorial candidates
Several governors have signed executive orders prohibiting the state AND private businesses from requiring vaccines.  Montana was the most recent. Read Florida’s  and, Montana’s here. Yes they have lots of language about the benefit of the vaccine etc but also about freedom.  Many states have such prohibitions at the moment, and more coming. A GREAT resource for knowing what’s going on in your state is here.   If you’re in a red state where you’re already safe from this kind of thing, that’s fantastic and we hope you do what you can to ensure it stays that way!
But we here in CA aren’t as lucky, and while we COULD draft an Executive Order on our own and demand Newsom sign it, obviously that would be utterly futile.
BUT!  What we CAN do, what we PLAN to do, is ask  each and every gubernatorial candidate here in CA  to sign a pledge that, if elected, they will sign an EO prohibiting vax mandates and any related discrimination.  
The power of this is tremendous. It elevates the conversation about FREEDOM to the level of the governorship, it allows each of them to advocate for, support, CAMPAIGN on being pro-freedom, or not; it gives us something to hold them accountable to, it separates the freedom from the anti-freedom candidates, etc.  
We can also create pledges for other elected officials around the country as well as candidates. Give some thought to who you’d like to approach to sign one of these pledges!
I’ll send a draft around later so we can discuss and refine it tomorrow.
We also will be making some flyers – Top 10 reasons not to mandate vaccines.  Think up your reasons in a 1 or 2 sentence bullet point and bring them to tomorrow’s zoom. We’ll collect them and make 1 or 2 versions of flyers that you can print out and distribute however and wherever you want.  
6) Your homework
Submit your ideas for slogans, a title for the fb page, t-shirt phrases etc via email to me by tomorrow before the meeting so we can discuss them.  And send any pledge re-wording as well.
And if you’re so inclined, go ahead and film a video and send it to me!  Let’s get these going!
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