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Join Your Fellow Defenders Of Freedom In Orange County Tomorrow Morning & In Inglewood This Saturday

The powers that shouldn’t be are making a power play in Orange County to enact FORCED Vaccine Passports on the residents there. If they get their Vaccine Passports forced on the freedom loving residents of Orange County it will be very easy to do it in every county of California so everyone in California should be paying attention to this matter that the Board of Supervisors in Orange County are trying to enact.

This Saturday the pathetic rock band “Foo Fighters” who should be ashamed of themselves and are clearly deep-state sell outs, are headlining a concert in Inglewood CA where only those who can show proof that they’ve been given the COVID vaccine or proof of a negative COVID test result will be allowed to attend… Your fellow defenders of freedom from multiple freedom groups will be staging a rally in front of the concert venue and your attendance is greatly needed to show a force of popular resistance.


oc meeting

Before you go to the O.C. Board of Supervisors meeting be sure to take the time to e-mail them at: to tell them what you think of vaccine passports, mandatory vaccines and government “contact tracers” (a polite way of describing government surveillance and stalking agents) going door-to-door checking for freedom loving individuals to force into getting the COVID injection.

You’ll only have about 30 seconds to address the O.C. Board of Supervisors so prepare something brief to say beforehand.

For those of you who can’t attend the meeting you can at the very least send the O.C. Board of Supervisors an e-mail at: describing your disgust at even the very idea of vaccine passports, forced vaccines and government “contact tracers” going door-to-door and that you know these measures are illegal.

There is plenty of free parking in the area and do bring your own rally signs.


PLUS REMINDER: NO Task force meeting tonight!



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